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Sunday, December 1 -- Reception @ JW Marriott
December 2
December 3
December 4
December 5
Session 1Zero-KnowledgeTheoretical Cryptography-IIMessage Authentication CodesCryptographic Primitives
Session 2Algebraic CryptographySymmetric Key CryptanalysisSignaturesCryptanalysis and Passwords
Session 3Theoretical Cryptography-Iinvited talk by Lars R. Knudseninvited talk by George DanezisLeakage Resilient Cryptography
Session 4ProtocolsSymmetric Key Cryptology: Schemes and AnalysisCryptography Based upon Physical AssumptionsTwo-Party Computation
Session 5 - Side-Channel CryptanalysisMulti-Party ComputationHash Functions
Evening - 18:00 -- 19:00 IACR General Meeting
19:30 -- 21:30 Rump Session
19:30 -- 22:00 Banquet -

Sunday, December 1
Reception: JW Marriott 19:30 -- 23:00
Registration: JW Marriott 19:00 -- 21:00
Monday, December 2
General Chair's Opening Remarks   08:50 -- 09:00
Session 1: Zero-Knowledge
Chair: Tanja Lange
  09:00 -- 10:15
Shorter Quasi-Adaptive NIZK Proofs for Linear Subspaces (Best Paper Award) [PPT]
Charanjit Jutla and Arnab Roy
Constant-Round Concurrent Zero Knowledge in the Bounded Player Model [PPT]
Vipul Goyal, Abhishek Jain, Rafail Ostrovsky, Silas Richelson, Ivan Visconti
Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Arguments from Span Programs and Linear Error-Correcting Codes
Helger Lipmaa
Coffee Break  10:15 -- 10:45
Session 2: Algebraic Cryptography
Chair: Damien Stehlé
 10:45 -- 12:25
Families of fast elliptic curves from Q-curves [PDF]
Benjamin Smith
Four-dimensional GLV via the Weil restriction [PDF]
Aurore Guillevic and Sorina Ionica
Discrete Gaussian Leftover Hash Lemma over Infinite Domains [PPT]
Shweta Agrawal and Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Amit Sahai
New Insight into the Isomorphism of Polynomial Problem IP1S and its Use in Cryptography [PDF]
Gilles Macario-Rat and Jérôme Plut and Henri Gilbert
Lunch Break  12:25 -- 14:00
Session 3: Theoretical Cryptography-I
Chair: Helger Lipmaa
  14:00 -- 15:40
Constructing Confidential Channels from Authenticated Channels---Public-Key Encryption Revisited [PDF]
Sandro Coretti and Ueli Maurer and Bjoern Tackmann
Reset Indifferentiability and its Consequences [PDF]
Paul Baecher and Christina Brzuska and Arno Mittelbach
Computational Fuzzy Extractors [PDF]
Benjamin Fuller and Xianrui Meng and Leonid Reyzin
Efficient One-Way Secret-Key Agreement and Private Channel Coding via Polarization [PDF]
Joseph M. Renes and Renato Renner and David Sutter
Coffee Break  15:40 -- 16:10
Session 4: Protocols
Chair: Manoj Prabhakaran
  16:10 -- 17:50
SPHF-Friendly Non-Interactive Commitments [PDF]
Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda and Olivier Blazy and Céline Chevalier and David Pointcheval
Self-Updatable Encryption: Time Constrained Access Control with Hidden Attributes and Better Efficiency [PDF]
Kwangsu Lee and Seung Geol Choi and Dong Hoon Lee and Jong Hwan Park and Moti Yung
Function-Private Subspace-Membership Encryption and Its Applications [PDF]
Dan Boneh, Ananth Raghunathan, Gil Segev
Random Projections, Graph Sparsification, and Differential Privacy [PDF]
Jalaj Upadhyay
Tuesday, December 3
Session 1: Theoretical Cryptography-II
Chair: Shweta Agrawal
09:00 -- 09:50
Notions of Black-Box Reductions, Revisited [PDF]
Paul Baecher and Christina Brzuska and Marc Fischlin
Adaptive and Concurrent Secure Computation from New Adaptive, Non-Malleable Commitments
Dana Dachman-Soled, Tal Malkin, Mariana Raykova, Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
Session 2: Symmetric Key Cryptanalysis
Chair: Yu Sasaki
09:50 -- 11:05
Key Recovery Attacks on 3-round Even-Mansour, 8-step LED-128, and Full $\mbox{AES}^{2}$ [PDF]
Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Adi Shamir
Key Difference Invariant Bias in Block Ciphers
Andrey Bogdanov and Christina Boura and Vincent Rijmen and Meiqin Wang and Long Wen and Jingyuan Zhao,
Leaked-State-Forgery Attack Against The Authenticated Encryption Algorithm ALE [PDF]
Shengbao Wu and Hongjun Wu and Tao Huang and Mingsheng Wang and Wenling Wu
Coffee Break  11:05 -- 11:35
Session 3: Invited Talk
Chair: Palash Sarkar
11:35 -- 12:35
Block ciphers - past and present
Lars R. Knudsen
Lunch Break  12:35 -- 14:00
Session 4: Symmetric Key Cryptology: Schemes and Analysis
Chair: Nicolas Sendrier
14:00 -- 15:40
A Modular Framework for Building Variable-Input-Length Tweakable Ciphers [PDF]
Thomas Shrimpton and R. Seth Terashima
Parallelizable and Authenticated Online Ciphers [PDF]
Elena Andreeva, Andrey Bogdanov, Atul Luykx, Bart Mennink, Elmar Tischhauser, Kan Yasuda
How to Construct an Ideal Cipher from a Small Set of Public Permutations [PDF]
Rodolphe Lampe and Yannick Seurin
Generic Key Recovery Attack on Feistel Scheme
Takanori Isobe and Kyoji Shibutani
Coffee Break  15:40 -- 16:10
Session 5: Side-Channel Cryptanalysis
Chair: Aggelos Kiayias
16:10 -- 17:25
Does My Device Leak Information? An a priori Statistical Power Analysis of Leakage Detection Tests
Luke Mather and Elisabeth Oswald and Joe Bandenburg and Marcin Wojcik
Behind the Scene of Side Channel Attacks [PDF]
Victor Lomné and Emmanuel Prouff and Thomas Roche
SCARE of Secret Ciphers with SPN Structures [PDF]
Matthieu Rivain and Thomas Roche
IACR General Meeting 18:00 -- 19:00
Rump Session 19:30 -- 21:30
Wednesday, December 4
Session 1: Message Authentication Codes
Chair: Nadia Heninger
09:00 -- 09:50
New Generic Attacks Against Hash-based MACs [PDF]
Gaëtan Leurent and Thomas Peyrin and Lei Wang
Cryptanalysis of HMAC/NMAC-Whirlpool [PDF]
Jian Guo and Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang and Shuang Wu
Session 2: Signatures
Chair: Serge Vaudenay
09:50 -- 11:05
Lattice-Based Group Signatures with Logarithmic Signature Size [PDF]
Fabien Laguillaumie and Adeline Langlois and Benoît Libert and Damien Stehlé
The Fiat--Shamir Transformation in a Quantum World [PDF]
Özgür Dagdelen, Marc Fischlin, Tommaso Gagliardoni
On the Security of One-Witness Blind Signature Schemes [PDF]
Foteini Baldimtsi, Anna Lysyanskaya
Coffee Break  11:05 -- 11:35
Session 3: Invited Talk
Chair: Kazue Sako
11:35 -- 12:35
Engineering Privacy-Friendly Computations
George Danezis
Lunch Break  12:35 -- 14:00
Session 4: Cryptography Based upon Pysical Assumptions
Chair: Moti Yung
14:00 -- 15:40
Unconditionally Secure and Universally Composable Commitments from Physical Assumptions [PDF]
Ivan Damgaard and Alessandra Scafuro
Functional Encryption from (Small) Hardware Tokens
Kai-Min Chung and Jonathan Katz and Hong-Sheng Zhou
Bounded Tamper Resilience: How to go beyond the Algebraic Barrier [PDF]
Ivan Damgaard and Sebastian Faust and Pratyay Mukherjee and Daniele Venturi,
Tamper Resilient Circuits: The Adversary at the Gates [PDF]
Aggelos Kiayias and Yiannis Tselekounis
Coffee Break  15:40 -- 16:10
Session 5: Multi-Party Computation
Chair: Tatsuaki Okamoto
16:10 -- 17:25
Efficient General-Adversary Multi-Party Computation [PDF]
Martin Hirt and Daniel Tschudi
Fair and Efficient Secure Multiparty Computation with Reputation Systems
Gilad Asharov and Yehuda Lindell and Hila Zarosim
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Interpolating Between MPC and FHE [PPTX]
Ashish Choudhury, Jake Loftus, Emmanuela Orsini, Arpita Patra and Nigel P. Smart
Banquet 19:30 -- 22:00
Thursday, December 5
Session 1: Cryptographic Primitives
Chair: Vipul Goyal
09:00 -- 10:40
Building Lossy Trapdoor Functions from Lossy Encryption [PDF]
Brett Hemenway and Rafail Ostrovsky
Pseudorandom Generators from Regular One-way Functions: New Constructions with Improved Parameters [PDF]
Yu Yu and Xiangxue Li and Jian Weng
Constrained Pseudorandom Functions and Their Applications
Dan Boneh and Brent Waters
Fully Homomorphic Message Authenticators [PDF]
Rosario Gennaro and Daniel Wichs
Coffee Break  10:40 -- 11:10
Session 2: Cryptanalysis and Passwords
Chair: Sanjit Chatterjee
11:10 -- 12:25
Non-uniform cracks in the concrete: the power of free precomputation [PDF]
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
Naturally Rehearsing Passwords [PPTX]
Jeremiah Blocki and Manuel Blum and Anupam Datta

Factoring RSA keys from certified smart cards: Coppersmith in the wild [PDF]
Daniel J. Bernstein and Yun-An Chang and Chen-Mou Cheng and Li-Ping Chou and Nadia Heninger and Tanja Lange and Nicko van Someren

Lunch Break  12:25 -- 14:00
Session 3: Leakage Resilient Cryptography
Chair: Rosario Gennaro
14:00 -- 14:50
Leakage-Resilient Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Public-Key Encryption from Hash Proof System and One-Time Lossy Filter [PDF]
Baodong Qin, Shengli Liu
On Continual Leakage of Discrete Log Representations [PPTX]
Shweta Agrawal and Yevgeniy Dodis and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Daniel Wichs
Session 4: Two-Party Computation
Chair: Arpita Patra
14:50 -- 15:40
Hiding the Input-Size in Secure Two-Party Computation [PDF]
Yehuda Lindell and Kobbi Nissim and Claudio Orlandi
Secure Two-Party Computation with Reusable Bit-Commitments, via a Cut-and-Choose with Forge-and-Lose Technique [PDF]
Luís T. A. N. Brandão
Coffee Break  15:40 -- 16:10
Session 5: Hash Functions
Chair: Bart Preneel
16:10 -- 17:50
A heuristic for finding compatible differential paths with application to HAS-160 [PDF]
Aleksandar Kircanski, Riham AlTawy and Amr M. Youssef
Improved Cryptanalysis of Reduced RIPEMD-160 [PDF]
Florian Mendel and Thomas Peyrin and Martin Schläffer and Lei Wang and Shuang Wu
Limited-birthday Distinguishers for Hash Functions Collisions Beyond the Birthday Bound can be Meaningful [PDF]
Mitsugu Iwamoto and Thomas Peyrin and Yu Sasaki
On Diamond Structures and Trojan Message Attacks
Tuomas Kortelainen and Juha Kortelainen