8 – 12 May 2016
Vienna, Austria

Rump Session

The rump session took place on Tue, 19:30-22:00. The session chairs, Hoeteck and Bertram, kindly ask for your contribution. Presentations should be short and entertaining, and may cover everything ranging from research results over politics to sheer nonsense. If you want to draw attention to an upcoming crypto event, please don't miss the "Call for papers" section below.

Please talk to our online SUBMISSION SYSTEM to submit your contributions. The deadline is Tue, 16:00.

Program - First Part

Marc Fischlin TU Darmstadt, Germany Eurocrypt 2016 Report slides
Alptekin Küpçü Koç University Fair Secure Computation (or how can I gain strategic advantage by breaking fairness) slides
Roberto Avanzi Qualcomm QARMA slides
Nigel P. Smart University of Bristol PostDocs@Bristol slides
Bart Preneel COSIC KU Leuven and iMinds A New Publication Model for FSE: IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology (ToSC) slides
Oscar Garcia-Morchon; Ronald Rietman; Ludo Tolhuizen; Jose Luis Torre-Arce; Moon Sung Lee; Domingo Gomez; Jaime Guiterrez; Berry Schoenmakers Philips Research; University of Luxembourg; University of Cantabria; University of Cantabria; TU/e The HIMMO Scheme and its Contest slides
Palash Sarkar; Shashank Singh Indian Statistical Institute Tower Number Field Sieve Variant of a Recent Polynomial Selection Method slides
Sonia Bogos; Serge Vaudenay EPFL How to (Correctly) Invoke Wagner slides
Eric Miles; Amit Sahai; Mark Zhandry UCLA; UCLA; MIT and Princeton Protecting Cryptographers From Obfuscation
Gregor Leander; Ventzi Nikov; Christian Rechberger; Vincent Rijmen RUB; NXP; TUG; KUL Results of the Final Round of the 15.000 Euro PRINCE Cipher-Breaking Challenge slides
Marcel Keller University of Bristol Test of Time Awards at Major Crypto Conferences? slides
Jean-Philippe Aumasson; Philipp Jovanovic; Samuel Neves Kudelski Security; École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; University of Coimbra The NORX Bug Bounty Program slides
Saqib A. Kakvi University of Bristol Highlighting the Issue of Less Amusing Rumps In Our Usual Sessions

Program - Second Part

Anatoly Lebedev; Andrey Karondeev; Alexandre Kozlov BMSTU New block Cipher slides
Kenny Paterson RHUL Crypto Forum Research Group slides
Ivan Damgård Aarhus University How to write secure papers
Jian Guo; Meicheng Liu; Ling Song Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Linear Structures: Applications to Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced Keccak
Martin R. Albrecht; Shi Bai; Léo Ducas RHUL; ENS Lyon; CWI Overstreched NTRU assumption is not NTRUencrypt
Tom Ristenpart; Dan Boneh; Aggelos Kiayias; Brian LaMacchia; Tom Shrimpton; Nigel Smart Cornell Tech; Stanford; U of Athens, U. of Connecticut; Microsoft Research; Univ. of Florida; Univ. of Bristol Making Crypto Great Again: RWC 2017
Jens Groth University College London Powerpoint Karaoke (Part 1) WINNER!
Ignacio Cascudo; Ivan Damgård; Felipe Larcerda; Samuel Ranellucci Aarhus University Oblivious Transfer from any non-trivial elastic noisy channel slides
Jean-Jacques Quisquater UCLouvain, Belgium The New Codebreakers slides
Samuel Ranellucci Aarhus University Quiz Show! slides
Joel Alwen IST Austria On the conference USB sticks and Tails. slides
Martijn Stam University of Bristol Powerpoint Karaoke (Part 2) WINNER!
Shi Bai; Damien Stehlé; Weiqiang Wen ENS de Lyon Improved Reduction from BDD to uSVP slides
Martin R. Albrecht; Jens Groth RHUL; UCL How to talk to your friends about what you do
Joachim von zur Gathen cosec, B-IT and Universität Bonn CryptoSchool
Michele Minelli ENS FHE Circuit Privacy Almost For Free slides

Program - Call for papers

The following announcements and calls for papers were submitted:

Time constraints

For your presentation, certain time constraints will be enforced. You can extend your time frame by letting your slides meet the conditions of our bonus system.

Basic constraints

submission type maximum time
call for papers0:30 min
informational2:00 min
funny2:00 min
very funny2:30 min

Bonus system

For getting extra presentation time, embed one of the following terms into your presentation in a meaningful way. The first mention buys you +30 seconds, mentioning a second term another +20 seconds, the third term another +10 seconds (repetitions do not count twice). Instead of spelling out the words, you can also use corresponding images.
  • Donald Rump
  • raccoon
  • Mozart

Please submit in PDF format

To ensure a smooth transition between the talks we will collate the slides of all presentations into a single file. For this reason we only accept submissions in PDF format. We will insert unified title slides between each two presentations, with the following information:
  • title of talk
  • author names
  • affiliations
In particular, your submission should not include its own title page. In case you really really really insist that you cannot submit in PDF format (e.g., because animations are vital for your presentation), please contact the session chairs and request an exception. In this case, do not submit your contribution through the online system.

Calls for papers

The submissions in the category "call for papers" will be displayed during the rump session break, in an automatic slide show. Please make sure you submit only one-slide presentations.

Title photo by Simon Matzinger / CC BY