8 – 12 May 2016
Vienna, Austria

Accomodation Info

There are plenty of hotels around the venue, the map below (which we constantly update, if you have suggestions let us know) shows some suggestions (the greener the cheaper). All of the suggested hotels are either within walking distance to the venue or very close to a U1,U3 or U4 metro station, which will allow you to get to a metro station close to the venue fast (the map below can't display metro lines, to see them open and click on -> Menu -> Transit, the U1,U3 and U4 lines are the red, orange and green lines, respectively).

At the bottom of this page is another map with rooms that the University of Vienna event office has blocked for us, with one exception (Hotel Wandl) reaching the venue from these hotels will require changing transport at least once.

For more options see e.g., (but of course always try to book directly via the hotel webpage), if you're looking for more affordable options see

Blocked Rooms

The event office at the University of Vienna has pre-selected hotels for the benefit of its participants. These rooms will be allocated to participants free of any handling fee until March 26, 2016 - simply use the online hotel booking form below. If you would like to stay longer, please feel free to contact us!

Payment for accommodation is to be made onsite at the hotel receptions. Credit card details will be transferred to the hotels to guarantee your reservations.

Cancellation policies are up to each hotel - usually cancellation free of charge is possible 14 days prior to arrival! Cancellations have to be communicated via e-mail:

Please read the text on top of this page before using the form below!

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Title photo by Simon Matzinger / CC BY