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Measure-Rewind-Measure: Tighter Quantum Random Oracle Model Proofs for One-Way to Hiding and CCA Security

Veronika Kuchta , Monash University
Amin Sakzad , Monash University
Damien Stehlé , Univ. Lyon, EnsL, UCBL, CNRS, Inria, LIP, Institut Universitaire de France
Ron Steinfeld , Monash University
Shi-Feng Sun , Monash University, Data61, CSIRO
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-45727-3_24 (login may be required)
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Conference: EUROCRYPT 2020
Abstract: We introduce a new technique called `Measure-Rewind-Measure' (MRM) to achieve tighter security proofs in the quantum random oracle model (QROM). We first apply our MRM technique to derive a new security proof for a variant of the `double-sided' quantum One-Way to Hiding Lemma (O2H) of Bindel et al. [TCC 2019] which, for the first time, avoids the square-root advantage loss in the security proof. In particular, it bypasses a previous `impossibility result' of Jiang, Zhang and Ma [IACR eprint 2019]. We then apply our new O2H Lemma to give a new tighter security proof for the Fujisaki-Okamoto transform for constructing a strong (INDCCA) Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM) from a weak (INDCPA) public-key encryption scheme satisfying a mild injectivity assumption.
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