International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) is a non-profit scientific organization whose purpose is to further research in cryptology and related fields. Cryptology is the science and practice of designing computation and communication systems which are secure in the presence of adversaries.



Photo: Pixabay

Eurocrypt 2024
26 - 30 May 2024
Zurich, Switzerland

Photo: John Wiley User:Jw4nvc - Santa Barbara, California [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Crypto 2024
18 - 22 August 2024
Santa Barbara, USA
Asiacrypt 2024
9 - 13 December 2024
Kolkata, India

Photo: John-Mark Smith

Fast Software Encryption
25 - 29 March 2024
Leuven, Belgium

Photo: GraphicCycle [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
4 - 7 September 2024
Halifax, Canada

Photo:, CC0 Public Domain

Theory of Cryptography Conference
2 - 6 December 2024
Milan, Italy

Photo: by Kenny Paterson

Real World Crypto Symposium
26 - 28 March 2025
Sofia, Bulgaria
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School: Graz Security Week 2024 - Summer School on Security, Privacy and Correctness
Graz, Österreich, 23 September - 27 September 2024

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Event Calendar: WISA 2024: The 25th World Conference on Information Security Applications
Jeju, Korea, 21 August - 23 August 2024

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Job Posting: PhD student
University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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ePrint Report: Improved Meet-LWE Attack via Ternary Trees
Eunmin Lee, Joohee Lee, Yuntao Wang

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ePrint Report: Early Stopping Byzantine Agreement in $(1+\epsilon)\cdot f$ Rounds
Fatima Elsheimy, Julian Loss, Charalampos Papamanthou

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