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Shiqi Hou


Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis of GIFT family and GIFT-based Ciphers
<p>At CHES 2017, Banik et al. proposed a lightweight block cipher GIFT consisting of two versions GIFT-64 and GIFT-128. Recently, there are lots of authenticated encryption schemes that adopt GIFT-128 as their underlying primitive, such as GIFT-COFB and HyENA. To promote a comprehensive perception of the soundness of the designs, we evaluate their security against differential-linear cryptanalysis.</p><p>For this, automatic tools have been developed to search differential-linear approximation for the ciphers based on S-boxes. With the assistance of the automatic tools, we find 13-round differential-linear approximations for GIFT-COFB and HyENA. Based on the distinguishers, 18-round key-recovery attacks are given for the message processing phase and initialization phase of both ciphers. Moreover, the resistance of GIFT-64/128 against differential-linear cryptanalysis is also evaluated. The 12-round and 17-round differential-linear approximations are found for GIFT-64 and GIFT-128 respectively, which lead to 18-round and 19-round key-recovery attacks respectively. Here, we stress that our attacks do not threaten the security of these ciphers. </p>
Moving a Step of ChaCha in Syncopated Rhythm
The stream cipher ChaCha is one of the most widely used ciphers in the real world, such as in TLS, SSH and so on. In this paper, we study the security of ChaCha via differential cryptanalysis based on probabilistic neutrality bits (PNBs). We introduce the \textit{syncopation} technique for the PNB-based approximation in the backward direction, which significantly amplifies its correlation by utilizing the property of ARX structure. In virtue of this technique, we present a new and efficient method for finding a good set of PNBs. A refined framework of key-recovery attack is then formalized for round-reduced ChaCha. The new techniques allow us to break 7.5 rounds of ChaCha without the last XOR and rotation, as well as to bring faster attacks on 6 rounds and 7 rounds of ChaCha.


Shiqi Hou (2)
Dongdai Lin (2)
Meicheng Liu (2)
Shichang Wang (2)