Rump Session

20:00–20:10 Official Business. Oded Goldreich.
20:10–20:15 Best Student Paper Award. Ronald Cramer.
20:15–20:22 IACR News. Nigel Smart.
20:22–20:24 MPC workshop announcement, June 2012, Århus, Denmark. Ivan Damgård.
20:24–20:26 SCN 2012 - 8th Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks, September 5-7, 2012, Amalfi, Italy. Ivan Visconti.
20:26–20:36 Break.
20:36–20:43 Universally Composable Secure Computation with (Malicious) Physically Uncloneable Functions. Rafail Ostrovsky, Alessandra Scafuro, Ivan Visconti, Akshay Wadia.
20:43–20:48 Almost-everywhere Secure Computation with Edge Corruptions. Nishanth Chandran, Juan Garay, Rafail Ostrovsky.
20:48–20:53 Outsider-Anonymous Broadcast Encryption with Sublinear Ciphertexts. Nelly Fazio, Irippuge Milinda Perera.
20:53–21:00 Recursive Composition for SNARKs and Proof-Carrying Data. Nir Bitansky, Ran Canetti, Alessandro Chiesa, Eran Tromer.
21:00–21:05 Constant-Round Concurrent Zero-Knowledge in Super-Polynomial Simulation Security. Susumu Kiyoshima, Yoshifumi Manabe, Tatsuaki Okamoto.
21:05–21:10 One failed idea for cca2 from fhe the black box way. Steve Myers, abhi shelat.
21:10–21:15 Multiparty Computation in the Preprocessing Model and an Open Problem in Coding Theory. Ivan Damgård.
21:15–21:20 Announcements of available postdoc positions.
21:20 Good Night!