Fast Software Encryption 2007

March 26-28

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Videos and Slides

Below you will find the slides and videos (will appear in a few weeks) of most of the talks from FSE 2007. If you would like your slides or video to be removed/added to the site please write to the FSE 2007 webmaster at khovratovich/gmail/com.

Rump session slides are presented here.

Conference opening (PDF)
by Alex Biryukov
University of Luxembourg
Producing Collisions for PANAMA, Instantaneously (PDF)
Joan Daemen and Gilles Van Assche
STMicroelectronics, Zaventem, Belgium
Cryptanalysis of FORK-256 (PDF)
Olivier Billet (1), Krystian Matusiewicz (2), Thomas Peyrin (1), Scott Contini(2), Josef Pieprzyk (2)
(1) France Telecom RD, Issy les Moulineaux, France
(2) Department of Computing, Macquarie University, Australia
Grindahl – a family of hash functions (PDF)
Lars R. Knudsen, Christian Rechberger, Soren S. Thomsen
Technical University of Denmark
Graz University of Technology
Technical University of Denmark
Overtaking VEST (PDF)
Antoine Joux (1,2) and Jean-Rene Reinhard (3)
(1) DGA
(2) Universite de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, PRISM
(3) DCSSI Crypto Lab
Differential-Linear Attacks against the Stream Cipher Phelix (PDF)
Hongjun Wu and Bart Preneel
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Cryptanalysis of Achterbahn-128/80 (PDF)
Maria Naya Plasencia
How to Enrich an Enciphering Scheme's Domain
Thomas Ristenpart and Phillip Rogaway
University of California San Diego
University of California Davis
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Security Analysis of Constructions Combining FIL Random Oracles (PDF)
Yannick Seurin (1,2) and Thomas Peyrin (1,2)
(1) France Telecom RD, Issy les Moulineaux, France
(2) Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin, France
Bad and Good Ways of Post-Processing Biased Random Numbers (PDF)
Markus Dichtl
Siemens AG
Improved Slide Attacks
Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller
Computer Science Dept., Technion, Israel
Dept. of Electrical Engineering ESAT/SCD-COSIC Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Israel
A New Class of Weak Keys for Blowfish (PDF)
Orhun Kara, Cevat Manap
Tubitak UEKAE pk 74, 41470 Gebze, Kocaeli/Turkey
The 128-bit Blockcipher CLEFIA (PDF)
Taizo Shirai, Kyoji Shibutani, Toru Akishita, Shiho Moriai, and Tetsu Iwata
Sony Corporation, Sony Computer Entertainment
Nagoya University
New Light-Weight DES Variants Suited for RFID Applications (PDF)
Axel Poschmann, Gregor Leander, Kai Schramm, Christof Paar
Horst-Goertz-Institute for IT-Security, Ruhr University Bochum
A New Attack on 6-Round IDEA
by Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller
Computer Science Dept., Technion, Israel
Dept. of Electrical Engineering ESAT/SCD-COSIC Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Israel
Related-Key Rectangle Attacks on Reduced AES-192 and AES-256 (PDF)
Jongsung Kim and Seokhie Hong and Bart Preneel
CIST, Korea University
CIST, Korea University
COSIC, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Detailed Analysis on XSL Applied to BES (PDF)
by Chu-Wee Lim and Khoongming Khoo
DSO National Laboratories, Singapore
On the Security of IV Dependent Stream Ciphers (PDF)
Come Berbain and Henri Gilbert
France Telecom RD
Two General Attacks on Pomaranch-like Keystream Generators (PDF)
Hakan Englund, Martin Hell, Thomas Johansson
Department of Information Technology, Lund University, Sweden
Analysis of QUAD (PDF)
Bo-Yin Yang, Owen Chia-Hsin Chen, Daniel J. Bernstein, Jimmy Chen
Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University
UI Chicago
National Cheng Kung U
Groebner bases. Applications in cryptology (Invited talk) (PDF)
Jean-Charles Faugere
Message Freedom in MD4 and MD5 Collisions: Application to APOP (PDF)
Gaetan Leurent
New Message Difference for MD4 (PDF)
Yu Sasaki, Lei Wang, Kazuo Ohta, Noboru Kunihiro
The University of Electro-Communications
Gröbner Basis based Cryptanalysis of SHA-1 (PDF)
Makoto Sugita, Mitsuru Kawazoe, Hideki Imai
Osaka Prefecture University
Chuo University
Algebraic Immunity of S-boxes and Augmented Functions (PDF)
Simon Fischer and Willi Meier
FHNW, Switzerland
Generalized Correlation Analysis of Vectorial Boolean Functions (PDF)
Claude Carlet, Khoongming Khoo, Chu-Wee Lim, Chuan-Wen Loe
INRIA Project CODES (France)
DSO National Laboratories (Singapore)
An Analytical Model for Time-Driven Cache Attacks (PDF)
Kris Tiri (1), Onur Aciicmez (2) , Michael Neve (1), and Flemming Andersen (1)
(1) Intel Corporation
(2) Oregon State University
Improving the Security of MACs via Randomized Message Preprocessing (PDF)
Yevgeniy Dodis and Krzysztof Pietrzak
New York University
ENS Paris
Improved Security Bounds for PMAC, TMAC, and XCBC (PPT)
Kazuhiko Minematsu and Toshiyasu Matsushima
NEC Corporation
Waseda University
Perfect Block Ciphers With Small Blocks (PDF)
Louis Granboulan and Thomas Pornin
Ecole Normale Superieure and EADS CCR
Cryptolog International (Paris, France)
Conference Closing (PDF)
by Jean-Claude Asselborn
University of Luxembourg