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Paper: Non-interactive Mimblewimble transactions, revisited

Georg Fuchsbauer , TU Wien
Michele OrrĂ¹ , UC Berkeley
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Conference: ASIACRYPT 2022
Abstract: Mimblewimble is a cryptocurrency protocol that promises to overcome notorious blockchain scalability issues and provides user privacy. For a long time its wider adoption has been hindered by the lack of non-interactive transactions, that is, payments for which only the sender needs to be online. Yu proposed a way of adding non-interactive transactions to stealth addresses to Mimblewimble, but this turned out to be flawed. Building on Yu and integrating ideas from Burkett, we give a fixed scheme and provide a rigorous security analysis strenghtening the previous security model from Eurocrypt'19. Our protocol is considered for implementation by MimbleWimbleCoin and a variant is now deployed as MimbleWimble Extension Blocks (MWEB) in Litecoin.
Video from ASIACRYPT 2022
  title={Non-interactive Mimblewimble transactions, revisited},
  author={Georg Fuchsbauer and Michele OrrĂ¹},