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Paper: The Rectangle Attack - Rectangling the Serpent

Biham Eli
Orr Dunkelman
Nathan Keller
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Abstract: Serpent is one of the 5 AES finalists. The best attack published so far analyzes up to 9 rounds. In this paper we present attacks on 7-round, 8-round, and 10-round variants of Serpent. We attack 7-round variant of Serpent with all key lengths, and 8- and 10-round variants wih 256-bit keys. The 10-roun attack on the 256-bit keys variants is the best published attack on the cipher. The attack enhances the amplified boomerang attack and uses better differentials. We also present the best 3-round, 4-round, 5-round and 6-round differential characteristics of Serpent.
  title={The Rectangle Attack - Rectangling the Serpent},
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  note={Will be presented in EuroCrypt 2001 11386 received 5 Mar 2001},
  author={Biham Eli and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller},