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Natalia Tokareva


Maximums of the Additive Differential Probability of Exclusive-Or
At FSE 2004, Lipmaa et al. studied the additive differential probability adp⊕(α,β → γ) of exclusive-or where differences α,β,γ ∈ Fn2 are expressed using addition modulo 2n. This probability is used in the analysis of symmetric-key primitives that combine XOR and modular addition, such as the increasingly popular Addition-Rotation-XOR (ARX) constructions. The focus of this paper is on maximal differentials, which are helpful when constructing differential trails. We provide the missing proof for Theorem 3 of the FSE 2004 paper, which states that maxα,βadp⊕(α,β → γ) = adp⊕(0,γ → γ) for all γ. Furthermore, we prove that there always exist either two or eight distinct pairs α,β such that adp⊕( α,β → γ) = adp⊕(0,γ → γ), and we obtain recurrence formulas for calculating adp⊕. To gain insight into the range of possible differential probabilities, we also study other properties such as the minimum value of adp⊕(0,γ → γ), and we find all γ that satisfy this minimum value.
Automorphism group of the set of all bent functions
Natalia Tokareva
Boolean function in even number of variables is called {\it bent} if it is at the maximal possible Hamming distance from the class of all affine Boolean functions. We have proven that every isometric mapping of the set of all Boolean functions into itself that transforms bent functions into bent functions is a combination of an affine transform of coordinates and an affine shift.