International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Yuto Kawahara


Fast, Compact, and Expressive Attribute-Based Encryption 📺
Attribute-based encryption (ABE) is an advanced cryptographic tool and useful to build various types of access control systems. Toward the goal of making ABE more practical, we propose key-policy (KP) and ciphertext-policy (CP) ABE schemes, which first support unbounded sizes of attribute sets and policies with negation and multi-use of attributes, allow fast decryption, and are adaptively secure under a standard assumption, simultaneously. Our schemes are more expressive than previous schemes and efficient enough. To achieve the adaptive security along with the other properties, we refine the technique introduced by Kowalczyk and Wee (Eurocrypt’19) so that we can apply the technique more expressive ABE schemes. Furthermore, we also present a new proof technique that allows us to remove redundant elements used in their ABE schemes. We implement our schemes in 128-bit security level and present their benchmarks for an ordinary personal computer and smartphones. They show that all algorithms run in one second with the personal computer when they handle any policy or attribute set with one hundred attributes.
Efficient Implementation of Tate Pairing on a Mobile Phone using Java
Pairing-based cryptosystems (PBC) have been attracted by researchers in cryptography. Some implementations show that PBC are relatively slower than the standard public key cryptosystems. We present an efficient implementation for computing Tate pairing on a mobile phone using Java. We implemented the $\eta_T$ pairing (a recent efficient variation of Duursma-Lee algorithm) over some finite fields of characteristic 3 with extension degree $m= \{ 97, 167, 193, 239 \}$. Our optimized implementation for $m=97$ achieved about 0.5 seconds for computing Tate pairing over FOMA SH901iS, NTT DoCoMo. Then our implementation of Tate pairing is compared in the same platform with other Java program of the standard cryptosystems, i.e., RSA cryptosystem and elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC). The computation speed of Tate pairing is comparable to that of RSA or ECC on the same mobile device.