International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Pinakpani Pal


Towards Minimizing Memory Requirement for Implementation of Hyperelliptic Curve Crytosystems
Elliptic (ECC) and hyperelliptic curve cryptosystems (HECC) have emerged as cryptosystems of choice for small handheld and mobile devices. A lot of research has been devoted to the secure and efficient implementation on these devices. As such devices come with very low amount of resources, efficient memory management is an important issue in all such implementations. HECC arithmetic is now generally performed using so called explicit formulae. In literature, there is no result which focuses on the exact memory requirement for implementation these formulae. This is the first work to report such minimal memory requirement. Also, in the work we have provided a general methodology for realization of explicit formulae with minimal number of registers. Applying such methodology this work settles the issue for some important explicit formula available in the literature. This is an attempt to experimentally solve a particular instance based on HECC explicit formulae of the so called ``Register Sufficiency Problem", which is an NP-complete problem.