Tuesday, April 17, 2012
19.00 Rump Session
Chair: Martijn Stam
Sponsored by Good Technologies
19.00 Finger Food
19:30 Fellows Award
Bart Preneel
IACR Fellows page
19:45 PC on the PC
Thomas Johansson and David Pointcheval
19:50 EuroStats
Nigel P. Smart
19:53 Titan of Craptology
Simon Hoerder
19:58 Complete cover decryption: the challenge of LNCS 6805
Jean-Jacques Quisquater
LNCS 6805
20:03 Multiple Results on Multiple Encryption
Itai Dinur, Orr Dunkelman, Nathan Keller, and Adi Shamir
IACR Eprint
20:10 One Little Cipher Story
Alisa Koreneva and Vladimir Fomichev
20:14 Functional Encryption with Bounded Collusions via Multi-Party Computation
Sergey Gorbunov, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, and Hoeteck Wee
20:17 Non-uniform cracks in the concrete
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
20:24 DIAC - Directions in Authenticated Ciphers, July 05 - 06, 2012
Tanja Lange et al.
Workshop Website
20.25 Dessert Break
20:55 How to tell the birds from the primes
Ilya Mironov
21:00 A Professional Science Masters in Applied Math in Information Security
Gregory V. Bard
21:03 Event Announcement: FridgeCrypt 2013
Jon Callas, Tamzen Cannoy, and Nicko van Someren
21:07 Secure Computation and the Combinatorics of Hidden Diversity
Juan Garay, David Johnson, Aggelos Kiayias, and Moti Yung
21:12 Official Arbitration for Cloud Storage
Alptekin Küpçü
21:17 The Cryptography of John Nash
Ron Rivest and Adi Shamir
21:24 U-Prove Revocation with Accumulators
Lan Nguyen and Sherman S.M. Chow
21:26 Universally Composable Secure Computation with (Malicious) Physically Uncloneable Functions
Rafail Ostrovsky, Alessandra Scafuro,Ivan Visconti, and Akshay Wadia
IACR Eprint
21:31 Efficient attacks and real-world provable security
Alexander W. Dent
21:36 Singalong Song
Saqib A. Kakvi
21:39 Provable Privacy Workshop
Bart Preneel
Workshop Website
21:39 Pub Quiz
Martijn Stam
22.00 Closing Remarks