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Eurocrypt 07 Rump Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 22

20:10 Brent Waters Welcome (2 min)
20:12 Moni Naor Securing Vote Storage Mechanisms (5 min)
20:17 abhi shelat Cryptography from Sunspots (5 min)
20:22 Benny Pinkas Cryptanalysis of the Windows Random Number Generator (5 min)
20:27 Dan Bernstein and Tanja Lange Elliptic Strikes Back (6 min)
20:33 Serge Vaudenay E-Passport Survey (7 min) PDF
20:40 Arjen Lenstra Kilobit Special Number Field Sieve Factoring (4 min)
20:44 Nigel Smart EuroCrypt and EuroCrapt (3 min)
20:47 Steven Galbraith Cryptography and Coding, Cirencester Conference (1 min) PDF
20:48 Raphael Phan Asiacrypt 2007 (2 min)
20:50 Eiji Okamoto Pairing Conference Announcement (2 min) PowerPoint
20:52 Fabien Laguillaumie LLL+25 and AfricaCrypt (3 min)
20:55 Ivan Damgaard ICALP 2008 (2 min)
20:57 Aleksander Wittlin Tools for Cryptoanalysis (2 min)
20:59 Hugo Krawczyk IACR
21:00 *** BREAK ***
21:25 Benny Pinkas Cryptographic and Physical Proofs of Sudoku Puzzles (7 min) PDF
21:32 Vladimir Kolesnikov Mistyping in Password-Assisted Key Exchange (5 min) PowerPoint
21:37 John Kelsey How to Defeat Additive Checksums in Damgaard-Merkle Hashes (5 min)
21:42 James Hughes A Bounded IBE system -not- Based on Pairing (5 min) PDF
Security In Storage Workshop '07 PDF
21:47 Kestutis Luksy Matrix Power S-Box Construction (5 min)
21:52 Marina Pudovkina Symmetry Groups Of Some Classes Of Functions (4 min) PowerPoint
21:56 Eike Kiltz Secure Hybrid Encryption from Weakened Key Encapsulation (4 min)
22:00 Dennis Hofheinz Key-Dependent Message Security in the Standard Model (4 min) PDF
22:04 Werner Schindler A Stochastic Model for Particular Designs of Physical RNGs and Approach in Side-Channel Analysis (5 min) PDF
22:09 Yevgeniy Dodis UC or Don't You See (5 min)
22:14 Gregory Bard Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Keeloq (4 min)
22:18 Nicolas Courtois New Frontiers in Symmetric Cryptanalysis (4 min) PDF
22:22 Adam Smith Extracting Witnesses from Quantum Provers (5 min)
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