International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR News Item: 28 May 2013

Asiacrypt 2012 General Chair Report Xuejia Lai, March, 2013

Asiacrypt 2012 was held in Beijing, China from Dec.2 to Dec.6 2012. The conference organization was supported by China Association for Cryptologic Research, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University and Labs of Information Security, China Academi of Science.

Attendance There are 325 registed participants from 31 countries in total, including 104 students. Sponsorship Asiacrypt 2012 received funding with a total amount about $36,000, from 6 sponsors: Natural Science Foundation of China, Huawei Technologies, INTEL, NationZ Technologies and Aisino. With their generous support we were able to provide registrations for 36 students from China, besides the free registration for 10 student speakers. Conference facilities This year year, the conferece hall and the main hotel are at the same site, avoided walking through the cold wind in Beijing. Visa-inviation We made a conference stamp to produce formal invitation letters for 30 participants to obtain the visa, the process went quite smoothly, without "hard case", except for a few cases where we need to provide phone call, fax back confirmations. Proceedings Asiacrypt 2012 Proceedings was produced following the new IACR policy. The registration fee includeed a USB drive containing an electronic copy of the proceedings, and attendees need to pay extra for a paper proceedings. 70 copies of paper proceeding were all sold out at the conference. Other events Together with Asiacrypt 2012, The 8th China International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (INSCRYPT 2012) was held before the main confernce, and the 2nd Workshop on International View of Cryptography and Security and Their Use in Practice: Focus on Mobile and Embedded Computing was held after the main confernce.