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International Association
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IACR News item: 08 December 2023

Lev Soukhanov
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Recent advances in SNARK recursion and incrementally-verifiable computation are vast, but most of the efforts seem to be focused on a particular design goal - proving the result of a large computation known completely in advance.

There are other possible applications, requiring different design tradeoffs. Particularly interesting direction is a case with a swarm of collaborating provers, communicating over a peer-to-peer network - which requires to also optimize the amount of data exchanged between the participants of the swarm.

One notable such application is Ethereum's consensus, which requires to aggregate millions of signatures of individual validators.

In this technical note, we propose an informal notion of an end-to-end IVC scheme, which means that the amount of data that the prover needs exchange with the previous prover to continue the computation is small.

We explore the existing design space from this point of view, and suggest an approach to constructing such a scheme by combining the PlonK proof systemwith the recent Cyclefold construction.

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