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IACR News item: 09 August 2022

Research & Development Group, Horizen Labs
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Horizen Labs is a blockchain technology company that designs, develops, and delivers powerful, scalable, and reliable distributed ledger solutions for business.

We are looking for an engineer who will contribute in building the cryptographic infrastructure of our Web 3.0-enabled blockchain ecosystem. You will be involved in the design and implementation of our zero-knowledge Layer 2 scaling solution based on STARK-proven virtual machines. Our international team works in a stimulating and innovative environment, where people’s technical expertise and experience contribute to the development of cutting-edge blockchain technology.

  • Experience in implementing zero-knowledge proving systems or related cryptographic primitives;
  • Comfortable in implementing low-level operations such as finite field arithmetics, hash functions, etc.;
  • Enthusiastic about algorithmic improvements and code optimization.
Furthermore, any experience with
  • Plonk, STARKs, AIR circuits,
  • EVM, zk-VMs,
  • C/C++/Rust programming language
though not mandatory, it is welcomed. We offer
  • Competitive salary, yearly bonus, and stock options
  • Flexible working hours, fully remote if preferred
  • The opportunity to work with talented minds on innovative, high-quality open source solutions.

If you want to get more knowledge about our technology, read our Whitepapers at the website:

Closing date for applications:

Contact: Raffaella Lixi

More information:


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