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IACR News item: 16 September 2020

Research Group COSIC at University of Leuven, Belgium
Job Posting Job Posting
We have an open postdoc position in the domain of Scalable and Secure Data Sharing. The prospective candidate is expected to design and develop efficient MPC protocols for privacy-preserving data analytics. The work includes, but not limited to, investigating machine learning algorithms that best suit MPC and that can be efficiently implemented over MPC. You will be working closely with tools such as The candidate must hold a PhD degree in Cryptography or a related subject with strong publication records in crypto/security venues. In addition to a strong background in both public and symmetric cryptography, good knowledge in MPC, machine learning algorithms, and cryptographic protocols are expected. The candidate should also have coding experience in C/C++ and Python, experience in practical aspects of secure computation is a must.

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