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06:51 [PhD][New] Frans Kaashoek


06:48 [PhD][Update] Kevin Fu Integrity and access control in untrusted content distribution networks


08:02 [PhD][New] Julien Bringer Nonlinearity of boolean functions: cryptographic applications of boolean functions and coding theory


07:59 [PhD][New] Philippe Langevin


11:38 [PhD][New] Ehab Alnfrawy Towards an Efficient Public Key Cryptosystem


11:37 [PhD][New] Mohamed M. Abd-Eldayem


11:37 [PhD][New] Aly A. Fahmy


05:40 [PhD][New] Eric Bone A Generalization of Pohlig-Hellman Simplification in Elliptic Curve Cryptography


05:38 [PhD][New] Fred Diamond