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New Algorithms and Analyses for Sum-Preserving Encryption

Sarah Miracle , University of St. Thomas
Scott Yilek , University of St. Thomas
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Presentation: Slides
Conference: ASIACRYPT 2022
Abstract: We continue the study of sum-preserving encryption schemes, in which the plaintext and ciphertext are both integer vectors with the same sum. Such encryption schemes were recently constructed and analyzed by Tajik, Gunasekaran, Dutta, Ellia, Bobba, Rosulek, Wright, and Feng (NDSS 2019) in the context of image encryption. Our first main result is to prove a mixing-time bound for the construction given by Tajik et al. using path coupling. We then provide new sum-preserving encryption schemes by describing two practical ways to rank and unrank the values involved in sum-preserving encryption, which can then be combined with the rank-encipher-unrank technique from format-preserving encryption. Finally, we compare the efficiency of the Tajik et al. construction and our new ranking constructions based on performance tests we conducted on prototype implementations.
Video from ASIACRYPT 2022
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