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International Association
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The Deoxys AEAD Family

Jérémy Jean
Ivica Nikolić
Thomas Peyrin
Yannick Seurin
DOI: 10.1007/s00145-021-09397-w
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Abstract: We present the Deoxys family of authenticated encryption schemes, which consists of Deoxys-I and Deoxys-II . Both are nonce-based authenticated encryption schemes with associated data and have either 128- or 256-bit keys. Deoxys-I is similar to OCB : It is single-pass but insecure when nonces are repeated; in contrast, Deoxys-II is nonce-misuse resistant. Deoxys-II was selected as first choice in the final portfolio of the CAESAR competition for the defense-in-depth category. Deoxys uses a new family of tweakable block ciphers as internal primitive, Deoxys-TBC , which follows the TWEAKEY framework (Jean, Nikolić, and Peyrin, ASIACRYPT 2014) and relies on the AES round function. Our benchmarks indicate that Deoxys does not sacrifice efficiency for security and performs very well both in software (e.g., Deoxys-I efficiency is similar to AES-GCM ) and hardware.
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