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RISCV and Security: how, when and why?

Helena Handschuh , Rambus Cryptography Research
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Presentation: Slides
Honor: Invited talk
Abstract: In this talk we will provide an overview of the current activities of the RISCV Foundation, including the creation of a Security Standing Committee about a year ago which is in charge of assessing new threats and opportunities in security in the RISCV world; we will discuss progress being made by the security-related task groups. The first one is working on specifying extensions of the base instruction set architecture (ISA) that will enable high-performance and high security cryptographic operations (AES, SHA-2, Public Key Cryptography); the second one is looking at creating extensions and hardware/software specifications to enable a trusted execution environment built on top of a RISCV processor; we will also provide details on the activities of the Security Standing Committee itself, and what some of the plans are to tackle the newest microarchitectural cache timing side-channel attacks such as Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, etc. We will review some additional work on secure RISCV and existing security extension initiatives by academia around the world. Finally, we will describe some approaches of how a side-channel and DPA-resistant RISCV CPU could be built and elaborate on the research we have been focused on in the past months.
Video from CHES 2019
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