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Paper: Robust Combiners for White-Box Security

Amir Herzberg
Haya Shulman
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Abstract: {\em White-box} security techniques are employed to protect programs so that they can be executed securely in untrusted environments, e.g. for copyright protection. We present the first robust combiner for white-box primitive, specifically for {\em White-Box Remote Program Execution (WBRPE)} schemes. The {\em WBRPE} combiner takes two input candidate {\em WBRPE} schemes, $W'$ and $W''$, and outputs a third candidate $W=W'\circ W''$. The combiner is $(1,2)$-{\em robust}, namely, $W$ is secure as long as either $W'$ or $W''$ is secure. The security of the combined scheme is established by presenting a reduction to the security of the white-box candidates. %The combiner employs new techniques of code manipulation, which can be used by other {\em white-box} constructions. The {\em WBRPE} combiner is interesting since it presents new techniques of code manipulation, and in addition it provides both properties of confidentiality and authentication, even though it is a $(1,2)$-robust combiner. Robust combiners are particularly important for {\em white-box} security, since no secure candidates are known to exist. Furthermore, robust combiners for white-box primitives, are interesting since they introduce new techniques of reductions.
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