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Paper: Dynamic k-Times Anonymous Authentication

Lan Nguyen
Rei Safavi-Naini
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Abstract: k-times anonymous authentication (k-TAA) schemes allow members of a group to be anonymously authenticated by application providers for a bounded number of times. k-TAA has application in e-voting, e-cash, electronic coupons and anonymous trial browsing of content. In this paper, we extend k-TAA model to dynamic k-TAA in which application providers can independently grant or revoke users from their own groups and so have the required control on their clients. We give a formal model for dynamic k-TAA, propose a dynamic k-times anonymous authentication scheme from bilinear pairing, and prove its security. We also construct an ordinary k-TAA from the dynamic scheme and show communication efficiency of the schemes compared to the previously proposed schemes.
  title={Dynamic k-Times Anonymous Authentication},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={public-key cryptography / privacy and anonymity},
  note={An improved version on security and efficiency of the paper presented in ACNS'05. 12961 received 6 Jun 2005, last revised 27 Jun 2005},
  author={Lan Nguyen and Rei Safavi-Naini},