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Paper: Cryptanalysis of RCES/RSES Image Encryption Scheme

Shujun Li
Chengqing Li
Guanrong Chen
Kwok-Tung Lo
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Abstract: Recently, a chaos-based image encryption scheme called RCES (also called RSES) was proposed. This paper analyzes the security of RCES, and points out that it is insecure against the known/chosen-plaintext attacks: the number of required known/chosen plain-images is only one or two. In addition, the security of RCES against the brute-force attack was overestimated. Both theoretical and experimental analyses are given to show the performance of the suggested known/chosen-plaintext attacks. The insecurity of RCES is due to its special design, which makes it a typical example of insecure image encryption schemes. Some lessons are drawn from RCES to show some common principles for ensuring the high level of security of an image encryption scheme.
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