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Shen Fei


Evolutionary Cipher against Differential Power Attack
DPA attack is one of most threatening SCA attacks, this paper focuses on research of DPA resistance. There are two phases in DPA attacks: collection and analyzing which can be utilized to construct different countermeasures against DPAs, such as balancing technologies aim at analyzing. We propose a new idea with dynamic structure algorithm to resist DPAs and call this measure as evolutionary cipher which can effectively resist DPA attacks based on destroying differential power computation model proposed by kocher. Moreover, evolutionary cipher opens up a new idea to design safety cryptographic algorithm for it can resist both DPA attack and some mathematic attacks as well. Designing principles of evolutionary cipher can be referenced by other dynamic cryptographic algorithms. This paper has theoretically and practically proofed security and effectiveness of evolutionary cipher to resist against DPAs.


Li Du (1)
Zhang Huanguo (1)
Tang ming (1)
Dou Qin (1)
Meng Qinshu (1)
Gao Si (1)