International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Yingjiu Li


A New Framework for RFID Privacy
Formal RFID security and privacy frameworks are fundamental to the design and analysis of robust RFID systems. In this paper, we develop a new definitional framework for RFID privacy in a rigorous and precise manner. Our framework is based on a zero-knowledge (ZK) formulation [7, 5] and incorporates the notions of adaptive completeness and mutual authentication. We provide meticulous justification of the new framework and contrast it with existing ones in the literature. In particular, we prove that our framework is stronger than the ind-privacy model of [14], which answers an open question posed in [14] for developing stronger RFID privacy models. Along the way we also try to clarify certain confusions and rectify several defects in the existing frameworks. Based on the protocol of [16], we propose an efficient RFID mutual authentication protocol and analyze its security and privacy. The methodology used in our analysis is of independent interest and can be applied to analyze other RFID protocols within the new framework.