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Jyotsna Kumar mandal


An Approach to ensure Information Security through 252-Bit Integrated Encryption System (IES)
Saurabh Dutta Jyotsna Kumar mandal
In this paper, a block-cipher, Integrated Encryption System (IES), to be implemented in bit-level is presented that requires a 252-bit secret key. In IES, there exist at most sixteen rounds to be implemented in cascaded manner. RPSP, TE, RPPO, RPMS, RSBM, RSBP are the six independent block-ciphering protocols, that are integrated to formulate IES. A round is constituted by implementing one of the protocols on the output produced in the preceding round. The process of encryption is an interactive activity, in which the encryption authority is given enough scope of flexibility regarding choice of protocols in any round. However no protocol can be used in more than three rounds. Formation of key is a run-time activity, which gets built with the interactive encryption process proceeds. Results of implementation of all six protocols in cascaded manner have been observed and analyzed. On achieving a satisfactory level of performance in this cascaded implementation, IES and its schematic and operational characteristics have been proposed.


Saurabh Dutta (1)