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Rump Session

The traditional rump session took place on Tuesday evening, chaired by Arjen Lenstra. The rump session was an informal session in which participants give short presentations on recent results, work in progress, and other topics of interest to the crypto community. Presentations that are not purely technical in nature are also possible (and encouraged!).

Fotos from the Rump Session!


18:30--19:30 Collect Surprise on the Way to the "Bödelibad" Sports Hall
19:00--19:30 Buffet and "Ammitaler" Swiss Folklore Band
19:30--19:37 Eran Tromer and Adi Shamir:
On Nosy People and Noisy Machines
19:37--19:44 Yehuda Lindell, Boaz Barak, and Salil Vadhan:
Parallel Repetition of Blum's Proof of Hamiltonicity may be Zero-Knowledge
19:44--19:50 Bart Preneel:
ECRYPT: A Network of Excellence on Cryptology
19:50--19:57 Renato Renner, Artur Ekert, and Matthias Christandl:
A Generic Security Proof for Quantum Key-Distribution
19:57--19:59 Victor Shoup:
Free Book for Sale
19:59--20:06 Cancelled
20:06--20:09 Tanja Lange:
Announcement of Workshop on Special Purpose Cryptanalytic Hardware, CRAHW
20:09--20:14 Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgård:
Secret Sharing without Communication
20:14--20:17 John Kelsey:
NIST Random Number Generation Workshop
20:17--20:24 Benny Pinkas:
Fairplay -- A Secure Two-Party Computation System
20:24--20:28 David Naccache and Claire Whelan:
9/11: Who alerted the CIA? (And Other Secret Secrets)
20:28--21:00 BREAK: Buffet and "Ammitaler" Swiss Folklore Band
21:00--21:07 Jim Hughes:
Bullet Prone Disks
21:07--21:14 Juan Garay, Phil MacKenzie, and Ke Yang:
Secure Multi-Party Computation with Faulty Majority and Complete Fairness
21:14--21:15 Joe Kilian:
Announcement of TCC 2005
21:15--21:22 Manoj Prabhakaran and Amit Sahai:
New Notions of Security: Universal Composability Without Trusted Set-Up
21:22--21:26 Serge Vaudenay:
Breaking the Rösti-Graben
21:26--21:33 Greg Rose:
Differential Power Analysis of CAVE
21:33--21:37 J. Lukovics:
KHEOPS -- A Scheme to Create a Self-Synchronizing Stream Cipher from a Block Cipher
21:37--21:44 Carmi Gressel:
The '49er Goldrush Saloon Stream Cipher
21:44--21:47 Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Frode Weierud, and Geoff Sullivan:
Why we are in Interlaken? A NEMA Story
21:47--24:00 Conclusion: Buffet and "Ammitaler" Swiss Folklore Band
Organized by members of the IBM Zurich Research Lab