Aug 19 – 23
Santa Barbara




Speaker Instructions



How to Use the Conference Presentation Server



       Presentations will be accepted on the server if they are submitted before 6:45am on the day of your presentation.


       An A/V representative will be available in your assigned session room an hour before start time to test presentations. Using the Conference Presentation Server enables event support staff to load and test presentations on the equipment that will be used during the conference. Furthermore, having all presentations preloaded on the conference laptop allows for a more seamless transition between multiple presentations during a session.


       You can access the server at:


       Please enter your last name, first name, and email address in the fields provided.


       Select your conference from the list provided. If you do not see your conference, check with your conference facilitator to verify that they are working with UCSB Conference Services.


       Conference Services can be reached at (805) 893-3072.


       Please choose the format of your presentation.


       To select the document you wish to upload, click the Browse button. This will open up a file window, where you can navigate to and select your file. Once you have chosen the file click OK.


       When you are finished click on the Submit Paper button.


       Please use a 2 to 3 word, easily identifiable file name for your presentation. The server utility will include additional identifying information based on your input on the form.


       While most presentations will be contained within one file (PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote document) we understand that presentations with embedded media such as video or audio may require more than one file. If this is the case, we recommend putting all of the necessary files into a single folder, then compressing the folder into the ZIP format. The ZIP file should use the same naming conventions described above for easy identification by the A/V staff.


       WARNING: TIFF files embedded in a Mac PowerPoint presentation will not appear when transferred to a PC. Images must be converted to jpeg and re-embedded in your Mac PowerPoint presentation in order for them to be visible when transferred to a PC. Similarly, embedded Quicktime (.mov) movies will not play in PowerPoint on a PC. MPEG-1 is a cross-platform format that will work on both Macs and PCs.



IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend that you bring a copy of your presentation and all associated files on portable media or your own laptop, as a back up, even if you upload your presentation to the Conference Presentation Server. Also, please be sure to bring the appropriate VGA adapter if you are using a Mac laptop.


The upload utility currently has a 200 MB limit. If your presentation is larger, please contact the following staff for assistance:

- Jim Gallagher (,

- Nobu Matsuo ( or

- Chris Cosner (


A note on security: although you are uploading to a web server, downloading privileges are password protected and available only to Instructional Development’s IT Staff.


Thank you for your participation.