Asiacrypt2006 Rump Session Talks

7:30-7:33 Rules for Rump Session, Ed Dawson

7:33-7:40 Crytanalysis of the SFLASH family of signature schemes, Vivien Dubois, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Adi Shamir, and Jacques Stern*

7:40-7:45 A Note on the Security of NTRUSign, Phong q. Nguyen

7:45-7:50 Some Comments on VSH, Scott Contini

7:50-7:55 Towards a Provably Secure SSL, Ron Stinfeld

7:55-8:02 The Complexity of Zero Knowledge, Shien Jin Ong

8:02-8:04 Announcement for CANS 2007, Yvo Desmendt

8:04-8:06 International Conference on Information Theoretic Security, Yvo Desmendt

8:06-8:08 TCC 2007, Eike Kiltz

8:08-8:10 ProvSec 2007, Joseph Liu

8:10-8:12 The IACR fellows program, Ivan Damgard

8:12-8:14 Announcement of ACISP2007, Josef Pieprzyk

8:14- 8:16 Pairing 2007, Eiji Okamoto

8:16-8:18 Call for Participation: Asiacrypt 2007, Raphael Phan*, Kaoru Kurosawa

8:18-8:20 Call for papers Relaunched, Tom Berson, Nigel Smart, Raphael Phan*, Orr Dunkelman, Dan Page

8:20-8:40 Break

8:40-8:45 Weaknesses of the FORK-256 Compression Function, K. Matusiewicr, S. Contini, J. Pieprzyk*

8:45-8:50 On Bounded Chosen ciphertext Security for Black-Box Semantic Security, Eike Kiltz

8:50-8:55 Tweaking Kwosawa and Desmedt, Eike Kiltz

8:55-9:00 Information Theoretic Bounds on Authentication System in Query Model, Rei Safavi-Naini

9:00-9:07 Multi-party Computation in Privacy Preserving Data Mining, Chunhua Su*, Kouichi Sakurai, Tsuyoshi Takagi, Feng Bao, Jianying Zhou

9:07-9:12 Privacy Revocation in Ubiquitous World, Hyunrok Lee,* Byoungcheon Lee, Kwangio Kim

9:12-9:17 Algebraic Cryptanalysis, DES, and SAT Solvers, Nicholas Courtois, Greg Bard*


Call for submission to Asiacrypt 2006 Rump Session

The rump session will be held on Tuesday, December 5, 2006, at 7:30pm. 

The rump session is intended to be an informal session where participants give short presentations on recent results, work in progress, and other topics of interest to the IACR community, such as conference announcements. (Funny results are especially welcome!) 

Those wishing to give a talk at the rump session must submit a short abstract (no more than two pages long), in one of the following two ways: 

       Electronic submission: Send email to Xuejia Lai:  no later than Friday, December 1 with your submission in ASCII text. (That is, your submission should be included directly in your message as ASCII text, and not as an attachment to your message.)

       Hardcopy submission at the conference: Hand the submission (to Xuejia Lai or Ed Dawson) at the conference before 10am on Tuesday, December 5.

Submissions should include a requested amount of time for the presentation, up to seven minutes (2 minutes for announcements).   

Depending on the submissions they receive, the chairs will select a program for the session.

Ed Dawson

Rump Session Chair

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