Aisacrypt 2006 list of accepted papers

1.        Efficient Selectively Convertible Undeniable Signature Without Random Oracle

Kaoru Kurosawa and Tsuyoshi Takagi


2.        Secure Sketch for Biometric Templates

Qiming Li and Yagiz Sutcu and Nasir Memon


3.        Analysis of One Popular Group Signature Scheme

Zhengjun Cao


4.        Relationship between standard model plaintext awareness and message hiding

Isamu Teranishi and Wakaha Ogata


5.        On the Security of OAEP

Alexandra Boldyreva and Marc Fischlin


6.        KFC - the Krazy Feistel Cipher

Thomas Baignères and Matthieu Finiasz


7.        Generic Attacks on Unbalanced Feistel Schemes with Contracting Functions

J.Patarin, V.Nachef, and C.Berbain


8.        Almost Optimum Secret Sharing Schemes Secure against Cheating for Arbitrary Secret Distribution

Satoshi Obana and Toshinori Araki


9.        New Guess-and-Determine Attack on the Self-Shrinking Generator

Bin Zhang, Dengguo Feng


10.    Simulation-Sound Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs for a Practical Language and Constant Size Group Signatures

Jens Groth


11.    Forgery and Partial Key Recovery Attacks on HMAC and NMAC Using Hash Collisions (was: Related-Key Attacks on NMAC-MD5)

Scott Contini and Yiqun Lisa Yin


12.    Improved Collision Search for SHA-0

Yusuke Naito, Yu Sasaki, Takeshi Shimoyama, Jun Yajima, Noboru Kunihiro and Kazuo Ohta


13.    On the Provable Security of an Efficient RSA-Based Pseudorandom Generator

Ron Steinfeld and Josef Pieprzyk and Huaxiong Wang


14.    HIBE with Short Public Parameters Secure in the Full Model Without Random Oracle

Sanjit Chatterjee and Palash Sarkar


15.    Combining Compression Functions and Block Cipher-Based Hash

Thomas Peyrin, Henri Gilbert, Frédéric Muller and Matt Robshaw


16.    Construction and Analysis of Boolean Functions of $2t+1$ Variables with Maximum Algebraic Immunity

Na Li and Wen-Feng Qi


17.    New Cryptanalytic Results on IDEA

Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller


18.    The $2$-adic CM method for genus 2 curves with application to cryptography

Pierrick Gaudry, Thomas Houtmann, David Kohel, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Annegret Weng


19.    Extending Scalar Multiplication using Double Bases

Roberto Avanzi, Vassil Dimitrov, Christophe Doche, Francesco Sica


20.    On the Generic Construction of Identity-Based Signatures with Additional Properties

David Galindo and Javier Herranz and Eike Kiltz


21.    A Scalable Password-based Group Key Exchange Protocol in the Standard Model

Michel Abdalla and David Pointcheval


22.    A Weakness in Some Oblivious Transfer and Zero-Knowledge Protocols

Ventzislav Nikov, Svetla Nikova, Bart Preneel


23.    Multi-Property-Preserving Hash Domain Extension and the EMD Transform

Mihir Bellare and Thomas Ristenpart


24.    A Strategy for Finding Roots of Multivariate Polynomials with New Applications in Attacking RSA Variants

Ellen Jochemsz and Alexander May


25.    Forward-Secure and Searchable Broadcast Encryption with Short Ciphertexts and Private Keys

Nuttapong Attrapadung, Jun Furukawa, Hideki Imai


26.    On the (In)security of Stream Ciphers Based on Arrays and Modular Addition

Souradyuti Paul and Bart Preneel


27.    On the Equivalence of RSA and Factoring w.r.t. Generic Ring Algorithms

Gregor Leander and Andy Rupp


28.    Trading One-Wayness against Chosen-Ciphertext Security in Factoring-Based Encryption

Pascal Paillier and Jorge L. Villar


29.    Indifferentiable Security Analysis of Popular Hash Function with prefix-free padding

Donghoon Chang, Sangjin Lee, Mridul Nandi, Moti Yung,


30.    Finding SHA-1 Characteristics

Christophe De Cannière and Christian Rechberger

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