Shanghai , China 's leading industrial and commercial city and major financial center, is located in the middle of the coast of the Chinese mainland and on the Southern shore of the Yangtze River estuary. The famous Huangpu River flows through Shanghai , which is in the possession of a host of historical scenes and sights that testify to the city's modern-time glory as an important center of finance, economy, trading and seaport as well as an important international central city in Asia-Pacific area.

Shanghai is the only city in China to have two international airports- Hongqiao Airport (distance from city proper: 13.5km ) and Pudong Airport (distance from city proper: 30km ) , which operate direct flights to and from major cities in more than 20 countries and regions. More than 40 Chinese and foreign air companies have opened airlines to Shanghai , and some of them have established offices there. As China 's largest harbour city, Shanghai has fostered close ties with major commercial harbours in the world. An extensive web of expressways and railways has brought Shanghai closer to neighboring cities. Getting around in the city has become more convenient than ever with the completion of a series of elevated roads, major bridges, and the subway. 

Shanghai is in the subtropical zone, and has a pleasant climate, with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is around 18 C and the annual precipitation is 1,240mm

Asiacrypt2006 will be held in Regal International East Asia Hotel, Heng-Shan Road #516, 200030 Shanghai , China  


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