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Fifth IACR Theory of Cryptography Conference

TCC 2008

March 19-21 2008, New York University
New York, USA

Travel Information

Getting to New York

New York City is served by three major airports: A reasonably good description of the travel options from the airports to the city can be found in the Frommer's guide. More details are available form the airport official links above.

Getting around New York

Avoid using your own car in Manhattan (unless you have a very good reason). Public transportation inside the city is convenient and inexpensive. Finding a place to park your car, on the other hand, is typically expensive and always inconvenient.

You can find on the Internet many "general purpose" guides for getting around Manhattan by subway , by bus, or by taxi. The official maps, schedules, and rates for the subways and buses can be obtained from the MTA web page.

Getting to the conference site

Directions to the conference site

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