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21:17 [Pub][ePrint]Two-sources Randomness Extractors for Elliptic Curves, by Abdoul Aziz Ciss[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]Side-Channel Analysis on Blinded Regular Scalar Multiplications, by Benoit Feix and Mylène Roussellet and Alexandre Venelli[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]The Temperature Side Channel and Heating Fault Attacks, by Michael Hutter and Jörn-Marc Schmidt[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]Practical Receipt-Free Sealed-Bid Auction in the Coercive Environment, by Jaydeep Howlader, Sanjit Kumar Roy, Ashis Kumar Mal[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Second Look at Fischlin\'s Transformation, by Özgür Dagdelen and Daniele Venturi[ expand ]

15:17 [Pub][ePrint]FFT-Based Key Recovery for the Integral Attack, by Yosuke Todo[ expand ]

15:17 [Pub][ePrint]AES-Based Authenticated Encryption Modes in Parallel High-Performance Software, by Andrey Bogdanov and Martin M. Lauridsen and Elmar Tischhauser[ expand ]
07:04 [Job][New]Ph.D. student in Quantum Cryptography, University of and CWI Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe[ expand ]

21:17 [Pub][ePrint]Oblivious Data Structures, by Xiao Wang and Kartik Nayak and Chang Liu and Elaine Shi and Emil Stefanov and Yan Huang[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]SETUP in Secret Sharing Schemes, by Ruxandra F. Olimid[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]Impact of ANSI X9.24-1:2009 Key Check Value on ISO/IEC 9797-1:2011 MACs, by Tetsu Iwata and Lei Wang[ expand ]
21:17 [Pub][ePrint]Proving the TLS Handshake Secure (as it is), by Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Cédric Fournet and Markulf Kohlweiss and Alfredo Pironti and Pierre-Yves Strub and Santiago Zanella-Béguelin[ expand ]

12:42 [Event][New]ProvSec 2014: The Eighth International Conference on Provable Security[ expand ]
12:42 [Event][New]ARES 2014: The Ninth International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Securi[ expand ]
10:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Framework and Compact Constructions for Non-monotonic Attribute-Based Encryption, by Shota Yamada, Nuttapong Attrapadung, Goichiro Hanaoka, and Noboru Kunihiro[ expand ]
10:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improving throughput of RC4 algorithm using multithreading techniques in multicore processors, by T.D.B Weerasinghe[ expand ]

22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Optimal constructions for ID-based one-way-function key predistribution schemes realizing specified communication graphs, by Maura B. Paterson and Douglas R. Stinson[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Verifiable Delegated Set Intersection Operations on Outsourced Encrypted Data, by Qingji Zheng and Shouhuai Xu[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Pragmatism vs. Elegance: comparing two approaches to Simple Power Attacks on AES, by Valentina Banciu and Elisabeth Oswald[ expand ]

16:17 [Pub][ePrint]One-Round Witness Indistinguishability from Indistinguishability Obfuscation, by Qihua Niu, Hongda Li, Bei Liang, Fei Tang[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Secrecy and Performance Analysis of Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms, by T.D.B Weerasinghe[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Analysis of a Modified RC4 Algorithm, by T.D.B Weerasinghe[ expand ]
16:05 [Job][New]Security Systems Programmer Associate, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), USA, North-West[ expand ]
15:36 [Event][New]CSS 2014: 3rd Conference on Cryptography and Security Systems 2014[ expand ]
15:20 [Job][New]Security Systems Programmer Lead, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), USA, North-West[ expand ]
09:00 [Job][Update]PhD Positions in Applied Cryptology, Worcester Polytechnic Institue, MA, USA[ expand ]
05:47 [Job][New]Lecturer, Computer Engineering and Systems, University of Washington, Tacoma Washington USA[ expand ]

22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Continuous Non-malleable Codes, by Sebastian Faust and Pratyay Mukherjee and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Daniele Venturi[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Secure Lightweight Entity Authentication with Strong PUFs: Mission Impossible?, by Jeroen Delvaux and Dawu Gu and Dries Schellekens and Ingrid Verbauwhede[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]An Effective RC4 Stream Cipher, by T.D.B Weerasinghe[ expand ]
10:17 [Pub][ePrint]Parallelized hashing via j-lanes and j-pointers tree modes, with applications to SHA-256, by Shay Gueron[ expand ]
10:17 [Pub][ePrint]Encryption Quality Analysis of the RCBC Block Cipher Compared with RC6 and RC5 Algorithms , by Abdul Hamid M. Ragab, Osama S. Farag Alla, Amin Y. Noaman[ expand ]
09:19 [Event][New]Asiacrypt 2014[ expand ]
09:18 [Event][New]Asiacrypt 2014: The 20th Annual Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptography[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]Privacy Failures in Encrypted Messaging Services: Apple iMessage and Beyond, by Scott Coull and Kevin Dyer[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]How to Eat Your Entropy and Have it Too -- Optimal Recovery Strategies for Compromised RNGs, by Yevgeniy Dodis and Adi Shamir and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz and Daniel Wichs[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]Tuple decoders for traitor tracing schemes, by Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk, Jeroen Doumen, Thijs Laarhoven[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]Generalized proper matrices and constructing of $m$-resilient Boolean functions with maximal nonlinearity for expanded range of parameters, by Yuriy Tarannikov[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improved Secure Implementation of Code-Based Signature Schemes on Embedded Devices, by Arnaud Dambra and Philippe Gaborit and Myl\\`ene Roussellet and Julien Schrek and Nicolas Tafforeau[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]``Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit\'\' : A small amount of side channel can go a long way, by Naomi Benger and Joop van de Pol and Nigel P. Smart and Yuval Yarom[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]TRUESET: Nearly Practical Verifiable Set Computations, by Ahmed E. Kosba and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Charalampos Papamanthou and Mahmoud F. Sayed and Elaine Shi and Nikolaos Triandopoulos[ expand ]

13:17 [Pub][ePrint]Weak-Key Leakage Resilient Cryptography, by Zuoxia Yu and Qiuliang Xu and Yongbin Zhou and Chengyu Hu and Rupeng Yang and Guangjun Fan[ expand ]
13:17 [Pub][ePrint]Point compression for the trace zero subgroup over a small degree extension field, by Elisa Gorla and Maike Massierer[ expand ]
08:28 [Job][New]Full Time Lecturer, University of Washington, Tacoma Washington USA[ expand ]
08:27 [Job][New]Cloud Security R&D Engineers, Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), Hong Kong[ expand ]

19:17 [Pub][ePrint]CLOC: Authenticated Encryption for Short Input, by Tetsu Iwata and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Jian Guo and Sumio Morioka[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Non-Malleable Extractors with Shorter Seeds and Min-Entropy Rate $[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Honey Encryption: Security Beyond the Brute-Force Bound, by Ari Juels and Thomas Ristenpart[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Non-Interactive Cryptography in the RAM Model of Computation, by Daniel Apon and Xiong Fan and Jonathan Katz and Feng-Hao Liu and Elaine Shi and Hong-Sheng Zhou[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Verifiable Oblivious Storage, by Daniel Apon and Jonathan Katz and Elaine Shi and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Statistics-based Fundamental Model for Side-channel Attack Analysis, by Yunsi Fei and A. Adam Ding and Jian Lao and Liwei Zhang[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Security Analysis of Key-Alternating Feistel Ciphers, by Rodolphe Lampe and Yannick Seurin[ expand ]

01:17 [Pub][ePrint]On the Effective Prevention of TLS Man-In-The-Middle Attacks in Web Applications, by Nikolaos Karapanos and Srdjan Capkun[ expand ]

22:17 [Pub][ePrint]The Multiple Number Field Sieve for Medium and High Characteristic Finite Fields, by Razvan Barbulescu and Cécile Pierrot[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Millions of Millionaires: Multiparty Computation in Large Networks, by Mahdi Zamani and Mahnush Movahedi and Jared Saia[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Outsourcing Private RAM Computation, by Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Mariana Raykova and Daniel Wichs[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Untappable communication channels over optical fibers from quantum-optical noise, by Geraldo A. Barbosa and Jeroen van de Graaf[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Calculating Cryptographic Degree of an S-Box, by Prasanna Raghaw Mishra[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]How to Securely Release Unverified Plaintext in Authenticated Encryption, by Elena Andreeva and Andrey Bogdanov and Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink and Nicky Mouha and Kan Yasuda[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Statistical Concurrent Non-Malleable Zero Knowledge, by Claudio Orlandi and Rafail Ostrovsky and Vanishree Rao and Amit Sahai and Ivan Visconti[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]FPGA-Based High Performance AES-GCM Using Efficient Karatsuba Ofman Algorithm , by Karim M. Abdellatif, R. Chotin-Avot, and H. Mehrez[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Unrestricted Identity-Based Aggregate Signcryption in the Standard Model from Multilinear Maps, by Hao Wang[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Recovering OpenSSL ECDSA Nonces Using the FLUSH+RELOAD Cache Side-channel Attack, by Yuval Yarom and Naomi Benger[ expand ]

16:17 [Pub][ePrint]On the Phase Space of Block-Hiding Strategies, by Assaf Shomer[ expand ]

04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Short Signatures from Diffie-Hellman, Revisited: Sublinear Public Key, CMA Security, and Tighter Reduction, by Jae Hong Seo[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient, Oblivious Data Structures for MPC, by Marcel Keller and Peter Scholl[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Isolated Execution on Many-core Architectures, by Ramya Jayaram Masti and Devendra Rai and Claudio Marforio and Srdjan Capkun[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Anonymous Two-Factor Authentication: Certain Goals Are Beyond Attainment, by Ding Wang, Ping Wang, and Debiao He[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Kummer strikes back: new DH speed records, by Daniel J. Bernstein and Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup and Tanja Lange and Peter Schwabe[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient Secure and Verifiable Outsourcing of Matrix Multiplications, by Yihua Zhang and Marina Blanton[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient Revocable Identity-Based Encryption via Subset Difference Methods, by Kwangsu Lee and Dong Hoon Lee and Jong Hwan Park[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Modelling After-the-fact Leakage for Key Exchange, by Janaka Alawatugoda and Douglas Stebila and Colin Boyd[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Selecting Elliptic Curves for Cryptography: An Efficiency and Security Analysis, by Joppe W. Bos and Craig Costello and Patrick Longa and Michael Naehrig[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]How to Use Bitcoin to Design Fair Protocols, by Iddo Bentov and Ranjit Kumaresan[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient Three-Party Computation from Cut-and-Choose, by Seung Geol Choi and Jonathan Katz and Alex J. Malozemoff and Vassilis Zikas[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Algebraic Properties of Modular Addition Modulo a Power of Two, by S. M. Dehnavi and Alireza Rahimipour[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Public-Key Encryption Resilient Against Linear Related-Key Attacks Revisited, by Hui Cui, Yi Mu, Man Ho Au[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Removing Erasures with Explainable Hash Proof Systems, by Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda and David Pointcheval[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Optimal Non-Perfect Uniform Secret Sharing Schemes, by Oriol Farràs and Torben Hansen and Tarik Kaced and Carles Padró[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]FORSAKES: A Forward-Secure Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Based on Symmetric Key-Evolving Schemes, by Mohammad Sadeq Dousti and Rasool Jalili[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]New Way to Construct Cryptographic Hash Function, by WANGYong[ expand ]
04:17 [Pub][ePrint]Oblivious Radix Sort: An Efficient Sorting Algorithm for Practical Secure Multi-party Computation, by Koki Hamada and Dai Ikarashi and Koji Chida and Katsumi Takahashi[ expand ]
01:17 [Pub][ePrint]Automated Proof for Authorization Protocols of TPM 2.0 in Computational Model (full version), by Weijin Wang, Yu Qin, Dengguo Feng[ expand ]

19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Breaking `128-bit Secure\' Supersingular Binary Curves (or how to solve discrete logarithms in $\\F_{2^{4 \\cdot 1223}}$ and $\\F_{2^{12 \\cdot 367}}$), by Robert Granger and Thorsten Kleinjung and Je[ expand ]

12:30 [Job][New]cryptologic product development team members and leads, TECHNA, Kolkata India[ expand ]
12:27 [Event][New]ACM TECS: ACM TECS: Embedded Platforms for Cryptography in the Coming Decade[ expand ]

15:48 [Job][New]Lecturer/Associate Professor/Researcher in Cryptology and Security, Hangzhou Normal University, China, Pacific Area[ expand ]

06:27 [Event][New]NSS 2014: The 8th International Conference on Network and System Security[ expand ]

22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Quantum position verification in the random oracle model, by Dominique Unruh[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Optimal Algebraic Manipulation Detection Codes, by Ronald Cramer and Carles Padr{\\\'o} and Chaoping Xing[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Comments on a novel user authentication and key agreement scheme, by Jia-Lun Tsai[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Prover Anonymous and Deniable Distance-Bounding Authentication, by Sebastien Gambs and Cristina Onete and Jean-Marc Robert[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Secure Compression: Theory \\& Practice, by James Kelley and Roberto Tamassia[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Polynomial Time Attack on Wild McEliece Over Quadratic Extensions, by Alain Couvreur and Ayoub Otmani and Jean-Pierre Tillich[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Note on the CLRW2 Tweakable Block Cipher Construction, by Gordon Procter[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Halka: A Lightweight, Software Friendly Block Cipher Using Ultra-lightweight 8-bit S-box, by Sourav Das[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]An Applicable Public-Key-Cryptosystem Based on NP-Complete Problems, by Bjoern Grohmann[ expand ]

22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Diffusion Programmable Device : The device to prevent reverse engineering, by Mitsuru Shiozaki, Ryohei Hori and Takeshi Fujino[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]MJH: A Faster Alternative to MDC-2, by Jooyoung Lee and Martijn Stam[ expand ]
22:17 [Pub][ePrint]Key-Indistinguishable Message Authentication Codes, by Joel Alwen and Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer and Arpita Patra and Pavel Raykov[ expand ]
20:12 [Job][New]PhD Position in Lattice-Based Cryptography, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany, Middle-Europe[ expand ]

19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Algorithms in HElib, by Shai Halevi and Victor Shoup[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Reducing the Overhead of Cloud MPC, by Ashish Choudhury and Arpita Patra and Nigel P. Smart[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Space-efficient, byte-wise incremental and perfectly private encryption schemes, by Kévin Atighehchi[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]SHipher: Families of Block Ciphers based on SubSet-Sum Problem, by Xiali Hei and Binheng Song[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Actively Secure Private Function Evaluation, by Payman Mohassel and Saeed Sadeghian and Nigel P. Smart[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Dishonest Majority Multi-Party Computation for Binary Circuits, by Enrique Larraia and Emmanuela Orsini and Nigel P. Smart[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Improved Slender-set Linear Cryptanalysis, by Guo-Qiang Liu and Chen-Hui Jin and Chuan-Da Qi[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Indistinguishability Obfuscation and UCEs: The Case of Computationally Unpredictable Sources, by Christina Brzuska and Pooya Farshim and Arno Mittelbach[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Towards Characterizing Complete Fairness in Secure Two-Party Computation, by Gilad Asharov[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Simple Framework for Noise-Free Construction of Fully Homomorphic Encryption from a Special Class of Non-Commutative Groups, by Koji Nuida[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Tight security bounds for multiple encryption, by Yuanxi Dai, John Steinberger[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Unified, Minimal and Selectively Randomizable Structure-Preserving Signatures, by Masayuki Abe and Jens Groth and Miyako Ohkubo and Mehdi Tibouchi[ expand ]
06:38 [PhD][New]Nizamuddin: On the Design of signcryption Schemes[ expand ]

05:56 [Job][New]Research Scientists, PhD, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore[ expand ]

09:02 [Job][Update]1 PhD student in Information Security, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden[ expand ]

16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Faster Bootstrapping with Polynomial Error, by Jacob Alperin-Sheriff and Chris Peikert[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]The Related-Key Analysis of Feistel Constructions, by Manuel Barbosa and Pooya Farshim[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]A new class of system oriented PKC, K(I)SOPKC., by Masao KASAHARA[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]On Cryptographic Applications of Matrices Acting on Finite Commutative Groups and Rings, by S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Cryptanalysis of KLEIN (Full version), by Virginie Lallemand and María Naya-Plasencia[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Multiple Differential Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced PRINCE (Full version), by Anne Canteaut and Thomas Fuhr and Henri Gilbert and Maria Naya-Plasencia and Jean-René Reinhard[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Bound For Multiparty Secret Key Agreement And Implications For A Problem Of Secure Computing, by Himanshu Tyagi and Shun Watanabe[ expand ]

16:17 [Pub][ePrint]AnoA: A Framework For Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols, by Michael Backes and Aniket Kate and Praveen Manoharan and Sebastian Meiser and Esfandiar Mohammadi[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Randomized and Efficient Authentication in Mobile Environments, by Wei Jiang, Dan Lin, Feng Li, Elisa Bertino[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Multipermutations in Crypto World: Different Faces of the Perfect Diffusion Layer, by Aleksandra Mileva[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]RECTANGLE: A Bit-slice Ultra-Lightweight Block Cipher Suitable for Multiple Platforms, by Wentao Zhang and Zhenzhen Bao and Dongdai Lin and Vincent Rijmen and Bohan Yang and Ingrid Verbauwhede[ expand ]
05:59 [Event][New]NSPW'14: 2014 New Security Paradigms Workshop[ expand ]

15:45 [Event][New]MPC14: Workshop on Theory and Practice of Secure Multiparty Computation[ expand ]
15:41 [Event][New]ECTCM 2014: Second International Workshop on Emerging Cyberthreats and Countermeasures[ expand ]

16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Garbled RAM Revisited, Part II, by Steve Lu and Rafail Ostrovsky[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Garbled RAM Revisited, Part I, by Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Mariana Raykova and Daniel Wichs[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient Round Optimal Blind Signatures, by Sanjam Garg and Divya Gupta[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]A Full Characterization of Completeness for Two-party Randomized Function Evaluation, by Daniel Kraschewski and Hemanta K. Maji and Manoj Prabhakaran and Amit Sahai[ expand ]
05:44 [Job][New]Security Engineer, CloudFlare Inc. (San Francisco, USA and London, UK)[ expand ]

19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Unifying Leakage Models: from Probing Attacks to Noisy Leakage, by Alexandre Duc and Stefan Dziembowski and Sebastian Faust[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Implementation and Comparison of Lattice-based Identification Protocols on Smart Cards and Microcontrollers, by Ahmad Boorghany and Rasool Jalili[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Mixcoin: Anonymity for Bitcoin with accountable mixes, by Joseph Bonneau and Arvind Narayanan and Andrew Miller and Jeremy Clark and Joshua A. Kroll and Edward W. Felten[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Certified Bitcoins, by Giuseppe Ateniese and Antonio Faonio and Bernardo Magri and Breno de Medeiros[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Publicly Auditable Secure Multi-Party Computation, by Carsten Baum and Claudio Orlandi and Ivan Damgård[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]New and Improved Key-Homomorphic Pseudorandom Functions, by Abhishek Banerjee and Chris Peikert[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Anonymous Authentication with Shared Secrets, by Joel Alwen and Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer and Arpita Patra and Pavel Raykov[ expand ]
19:17 [Pub][ePrint]Efficient Privacy-Preserving Big Data Processing through Proxy-Assisted ORAM, by Nikolaos P. Karvelas and Andreas Peter and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Sebastian Biedermann[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Implementing Pairing-Based Cryptosystems in USB Tokens, by Zhaohui Cheng[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]Lattice Cryptography for the Internet, by Chris Peikert[ expand ]
16:17 [Pub][ePrint]One-Pass Authenticated Key Establishment Protocol on Bilinear Pairings for Wireless Sensor Networks, by Manoj Ranjan Mishra, Jayaprakash Kar and Banshidhar Majhi[ expand ]
06:15 [Event][New]Post-quantum Cryptography Summer School[ expand ]

21:56 [Job][New]PhD Positions in Applied Cryptology, Worcester Polytechnic Institue, MA, USA[ expand ]