2019 IACR Fellows

Jonathan Katz

For broad contributions, especially in public-key encryption and cryptographic protocols, and for dedication to service and education.

Kaoru Kurosawa

For seminal contributions spanning anonymity, e-voting, and public-key cryptography, and for service to the Japanese and international communities.

Daniele Micciancio

For pioneering work on lattice-based cryptography and the complexity of lattice problems, and for service to the IACR.

Vincent Rijmen

For co-designing AES, contributions to the design and cryptanalysis of symmetric primitives, and service to the IACR.

Amit Sahai

For fundamental contributions, including to secure computation, zero knowledge, and functional encryption, and for service to the IACR.

Xiaoyun Wang

For essential contributions to the cryptanalysis and design of hash functions, and for service to the IACR.