International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

2015 IACR Fellows

headshot of Ernie Brickell, 2015 IACR fellow
Ernie Brickell

For founding the Journal of Cryptology, for industrial implementations supporting privacy, and for contributions to secret sharing, attestation, and the cryptanalysis of knapsack-based cryptosystems.

headshot of Joe Kilian, 2015 IACR fellow
Joe Kilian

For ingenious contributions to areas including primality testing, secure computation, oblivious transfer, interactive proofs, zero knowledge, and watermarking.

headshot of Kaisa Nyberg, 2015 IACR fellow
Kaisa Nyberg

For fundamental contributions to the design and analysis of block ciphers, for contributions to mobile phone security, and for service to the IACR.

headshot of Tatsuaki Okamoto, 2015 IACR fellow
Tatsuaki Okamoto

For theoretical and practical contributions to areas including encryption, signatures, identification, elliptic-curve cryptosystems, zero knowledge, and electronic cash, and for service to the IACR.

headshot of Bart Preneel, 2015 IACR fellow
Bart Preneel

For outstanding service to the IACR, for numerous research contributions, for sustained educational leadership, and for effectively leading the European cryptologic research community.

headshot of Tal Rabin, 2015 IACR fellow
Tal Rabin

For contributions to the theory of multiparty computation, encryption, and signatures, and for leadership on cryptographic research within industry.