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T-Shirt Solution

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The first step in solving the t-shirt is to identify the flags.

The first letters of the names of the coutries represented by the flags spell out the clue phase "BLUE FLAG IS DOT RED FLAG IS DASH".

Looking again at the flags, one may notice that each flag contains either red or blue but never both.

Following the instructions given in the clue phrase, one should then substitute a dot for each blue flag and a dash for each red flag which produces the following result.

•     •     −     •

•     −     •     •

•    −

−     −     •

•     •     •

•     •     •     •

•    •

•     −     −     •

Hopefully, these eight rows of dots and dashes suggest the use of Morse code. Translating into Morse code produces the answer FLAGSHIP.

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