Rump Session


  • Opening
        Shiho Moriai


  • ProvSec 2010 (slides) (video)
        Swee-Huay Heng and Kaoru Kurosawa
  • Africacrypt 2010 (slides) (video)
        Ismail M. Idris, Dan Bernstein, Tanja Lange and Antoine Joux
  • ACISP 2010:Call For Papers (slides) (video)
        *Ron Steinfeld
  • ICITS 2011 (slides, slides) (video)
        Serge Fehr and Yvo Desmedt
  • Crypto and Security Project of Strategic Japanese-Indian Cooperative Program on Multidisciplinary Research Field, which combines Information and Communications Technology with Other Fields (slides) (video)
        Kanta Matsuura, Takashi Nishide, Kouichi Sakurai and Hajime Watanabe
  • Asiacrypt 2010 (slides) (video)
        San Ling
  • Asiacrypt 2011 (slides) (video)
        Hyoung Joong Kim and Kwangjo Kim


  • A Practical-Time Attack on the Encryption Algorithm Used in Third Generation Telephony
        Orr Dunkelman, Nathan Keller, and Adi Shamir
  • A Pathetic Related-key Attacks Faster than Exhaustive Search
        Serge Vaudenay
  • Free-start preimages of step-reduced Blake compression function (slides) (video)
        Lei Wang, Kazuo Ohta, and Kazuo Sakiyama
  • On Hamsi
        Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Emilia Käsper, Lars Knudsen, Rune Ødegaard, Thomas Peyrin, and Martin Schläffer
  • Memoryless Near-Collisions via Coding Theory (slides) (video)
        Mario Lamberger, Florian Mendel, Vincent Rijmen and Koen Simeons
  • Efficient Leakage-Resilient Signatures, AKA, and CCA Encryption
        Yevgeniy Dodis, Kristiyan Haralambiev, Adriana Lopez-Alt, and Daniel Wichs
  • Proxy Re-Encryption from Learning with Errors (slides) (video)
        Keita Xagawa and Keisuke Tanaka
  • A Story of "United Nations" of Post Quantum Cryptography (slides) (video)
        Licheng Wang and Lihua Wang
  • Multiparty Secure Computation over Multivariate Polynomials (slides) (video)
        Moti Yung, Dana Dachman-Soled, Tal Malkin, and Mariana Raykova
  • Concise, uninformative proofs (slides) (video)
        Adam Smith
  • Some Consequences about Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation from Existence of the Homomorphic and Non-Committing Encryption (slides) (video)
        Chunhua Su, Tadashi Araragi, Takashi Nishide, and Kouichi Sakurai
  • Constructing Full-Homomorphic Encryption Schemes from Coding Theory (slides) (video)
        Frederik Armknecht, Daniel Augot, Ludovic Perret, and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
  • Closing

Call for Presentation

We will be having a rump session on Monday evening from 18:30.

We welcome your contributions: breaking news, progress reports, or other topics of interest to the cryptographic community.

If you would like to contribute a talk, then please fill out the submission form and

  1. send it to Shiho Moriai (Shiho.Moriai <at>, the rump session chair of ASIACRYPT 2009, by 22:00 JST (Japan Standard Time) on Sunday (December 6), or
  2. hand a printed hardcopy to her by 15:30 JST on Monday (December 7).

The rump session program will be announced around 17:00 JST on Monday (December 7). The final presentation slides should be sent to . and Shiho Moriai (Shiho.Moriai <at> BEFORE your presentation.

There will be a limited number of speaking slots in the rump session, and so it is possible that not all submissions will be accepted. Priority will be given to talks which are of interest to as wide an audience as possible, especially those of a humourous nature.