Conference Program

All talks will be held at Atkinson Hall, in the CalIT2 building, adjacent to the CSE department building.

Sunday, February 23

17:00–19:00 Welcome Reception

(Generously supported by Microsoft Research.)
The reception will take place at the conference hotel Estancia, La Jolla.

Monday, February 24

8:30–9:20 Registration / Breakfast

9:20–9:30 Opening Remarks

9:30–10:45 Obfuscation (Chair: Eyal Kushilevitz)

Virtual Black-Box Obfuscation for All Circuits via Generic Graded Encoding

Zvika Brakerski and Guy N. Rothblum

Obfuscation for Evasive Functions

Boaz Barak and Nir Bitansky and Ran Canetti and Yael Tauman Kalai and Omer Paneth and Amit Sahai

On Extractability Obfuscation

Elette Boyle and Kai-Min Chung and Rafael Pass

10:45–11:15 Coffee Break

11:15–12:05 Applications of Obfuscation (Chair: Claudio Orlandi)

Two-round secure MPC from Indistinguishability Obfuscation

Sanjam Garg and Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Mariana Raykova

Chosen Ciphertext Security via Point Obfuscation

Takahiro Matsuda and Goichiro Hanaoka

12:20–13:20 Invited Talk I (Chair: Yehuda Lindell)

Collusion and Privacy in Mechanism Design

Silvio Micali (MIT)

13:20–15:20 Lunch (provided)

15:20–16:10 Zero Knowledge I (Chair: Jens Groth)

Probabilistically Checkable Proofs of Proximity with Zero-Knowledge

Yuval Ishai and Mor Weiss

Achieving Constant Round Leakage-Resilient Zero-Knowledge

Omkant Pandey

16:10–16:40 Coffee Break

16:40–17:30 Zero Knowledge II (Chair: Jens Groth)

Statistical Concurrent Non-Malleable Zero Knowledge

Claudio Orlandi and Rafail Ostrovsky and Vanishree Rao and Amit Sahai and Ivan Visconti

4-Round Resettably-Sound Zero Knowledge

Kai-Min Chung and Rafail Ostrovsky and Rafael Pass and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam and Ivan Visconti

Tuesday, February 25

9:00–9:30 Breakfast

9:30–10:45 Black-Box Separations (Chair: Yevgeniy Dodis)

Can Optimally-Fair Coin Tossing be Based on One-Way Functions?

Dana Dachman-Soled and Mohammad Mahmoody and Tal Malkin

On the Power of Public-key Encryption in Secure Computation

Mohammad Mahmoody and Hemanta K. Maji and Manoj Prabhakaran

On the Impossibility of Basing Public-Coin One-Way Permutations on Trapdoor Permutations

Takahiro Matsuda

10:45–11:15 Coffee Break

11:15–12:05 Secure Computation I (Chair: Mike Rosulek)

Towards Characterizing Complete Fairness in Secure Two-Party Computation

Gilad Asharov

On the Cryptographic Complexity of the Worst Functions

Amos Beimel and Yuval Ishai and Ranjit Kumaresan and Eyal Kushilevitz

12:05–12:20 Short Break

12:20–13:10 Secure Computation II (Chair: Mike Rosulek)

Constant-Round Black-Box Construction of Composable Multi-Party Computation Protocol

Susumu Kiyoshima and Yoshifumi Manabe and Tatsuaki Okamoto

One-Sided Adaptively Secure Two-Party Computation

Carmit Hazay and Arpita Patra

13:10–15:10 Lunch (provided)

15:10–16:00 Secure Computation III (Chair: Eyal Kushilevitz)

Multi-Linear Secret Sharing Schemes

Amos Beimel and Aner M. Ben-Efraim and Carles Padró and Ilya Tomkin

Broadcast Amplification

Martin Hirt and Ueli Maurer and Pavel Raykov

16:00–16:30 Coffee Break

16:30–17:45 Coding and Cryptographic Applications (Chair: Amos Beimel)

Non-Malleable Coding Against Bit-wise and Split-State Tampering

Mahdi Cheraghchi and Venkatesan Guruswami

Continuous Non-malleable Codes

Sebastian Faust and Pratyay Mukherjee and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Daniele Venturi

Locally Updatable and Locally Decodable Codes

Nishanth Chandran and Bhavana Kanukurthi and Rafail Ostrovsky

19:00–20:30 Dinner (provided)

19:45–20:00 Business Meeting (Chair: Shai Halevi)

20:00-22:00 Rump Session (Chair: abhi shelat)

Location: Hotel Estancia Theater
Rump Session Program

Wednesday, February 26

9:00–9:30 Breakfast

9:30–10:45 Leakage (Chair: Yevgeniy Dodis)

Leakage Resilient Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Alexandra Berkoff and Feng-Hao Liu

Securing Circuits and Protocols Against 1/poly(k) Tampering Rate

Dana Dachman-Soled and Yael Tauman Kalai

How to Fake Auxiliary Input

Dimitar Jetchev and Krzysztof Pietrzak

10:45–11:15 Coffee Break

11:15–12:05 Encryption (Chair: Amos Beimel)

Standard versus Selective Opening Security: Separation and Equivalence Results

Dennis Hofheinz and Andy Rupp

Dual System Encryption via Predicate Encodings

Hoeteck Wee

12:05–12:20 Short Break

12:20–13:20 Invited Talk II (Chair: Yehuda Lindell)

General Versus Specific Hardness Assumptions in Cryptography

Russell Impagliazzo (UCSD)

13:20–15:20 Lunch (provided)

15:20–16:10 Hardware-Aided Secure Protocols (Chair: Mohammad Mahmoody)

(Efficient) Universally Composable Oblivious Transfer Using a Minimal Number of Stateless Tokens

Seung Geol Choi and Jonathan Katz and Dominique Schröder and Arkady Yerukhimovich and Hong Sheng Zhou

Lower Bounds in the Hardware Token Model

Shashank Agrawal and Prabhanjan Ananth and Vipul Goyal and Manoj Prabhakaran and Alon Rosen

16:10–16:40 Coffee Break

16:40–17:30 Encryption and Signatures (Chair: Mohammad Mahmoody)

Unified, Minimal and Selectively Randomizable Structure-Preserving Signatures

Masayuki Abe and Jens Groth and Miyako Ohkubo and Mehdi Tibouchi

On The Impossibility of Structure-Preserving Deterministic Primitives

Masayuki Abe and Jan Camenisch and Rafael Dowsley and Maria Dubovitskaya

17:30 Farewell