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TCC 2007

February 21-24 2007, Trippenhuis
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

TCC 2007 Rump Session

The rump session at TCC 2007 will be divided into two parts:

Standard rump session

This traditional event will provide attendees with an opportunity to briefly present recent research results and work in progress. Non-technical presentations are also encouraged. Short abstracts should be sent to Yuval Ishai. We will only have about fifteen 5-minute slots, so please submit requests as early as possible.

Open problems session

This event will be held for the first time in a TCC conference. We solicit short presentations of your favorite open problems or research directions, ones that you view as being either important or interesting and original. Please send suggestions to Yuval Ishai either before or during the conference.

The rump session will be co-chaired by Yuval Ishai and Brent Waters.