Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the Congress house in Les Diablerets. Lunches and diners will be taken at the hotel Eurotel Victoria which is located at about 200 meters from the Congress house. Les Diablerets is a nice village in the Alps at the foot of a glacier. It is possible to do a lot of different sports like skiing, walking and biking.

Map of the village is available on:

(Note that the Congress house and the hotel Eurotel Victoria have respectively numbers 33 and 14 on this map.)

How to access to Les Diablerets:

From the Swiss airports, you can easily arrive in Les Diablerets by train. From the Geneva Airport, take the direct train to Aigle (line Simplon, Genève-Brig). Then, from Aigle, take the typical train A.S.D (Aigle - Sépey - Diablerets). There is one train every hour and it takes about 2 hours and 15 to go from Geneva Airport to Les Diablerets. From the Zurich Airport, take the train to Lausanne. In Lausanne take the train to Aigle and then the train A.S.D. There is one train every hour too and it takes about 4 hours to go to Les Diablerets from Zurich Airport.

Swiss trains' schedules:

Other transportation:

You can also go to Les Diablerets by car. A car can be rented at the Geneva resp. Zurich airport at some international rental car agencies. From Geneva airport, it takes about 1 hour and 30 to go to Les Diablerets and this takes about 3 hours from Zurich airport. The hotel Eurotel Victoria proposes a shuttle from Geneva airport to some groups of about 10 people. For more details about this possibility, contact the hotel directly.

More informations about the journey:

Internet connexion:

A paying wireless LAN is available at the congress house as well at the hotel Eurotel Victoria.


For the transportation, we advise the participants to take the train from the airport. We do not recommend to rent a car to people who never drove a car on snow or by winter conditions. We also recommend the participants to book the hotel early since January is a busy period. Finally, participants should take warm clothing such as heavy coats, gloves, cap and good shoes for winter season! (Casual dress is recommended at the workshop.)