The principal hotel in Les Diablerets is the Eurotel Victoria . This four stars hotel is located at about 200 meters of the Congress house. A limited number of single rooms are pre-booked for the participants of PKC 2005 at the preferential rate of CHF 125 until the end of November. Some double rooms can also be booked at the rate of 95 CHF/person. There is also the possibility to share a room for 4 persons at the rate of 80 CHF/person. For more details, contact the hotel. Do not forget to mention that you are a participant of PKC 2005!

Try to book a room as early as possible since January is a busy period!!

Check cancellation policy with the hotel!

Booking a room at Eurotel Victoria:

Web Address:


Phone number: +41 24 492 37 21

Fax number: +41 24 492 23 71

Other hotels:

An on-line booking to some other hotels of different categories can be processed on: