Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2009 (CHES 2009)

Lausanne, Switzerland
Sunday September 6th - Wednesday September 9th, 2009


Lausanne - logo

The city of Lausanne is located in the heart of western Switzerland, on the shores of lake Geneva. It is the capital of the canton Vaud and is the fifth largest city of Switzerland. Having been the seat of the International Olympic Committee since 1915, it was designated the Olympic Capital in 1994.

As home to a population of 125,000 and the hub of a metropolitan area of 250,000, including 80,000 international residents, Lausanne boast business, cultural, sports and educational facilities that are truly remarkable for a city of its size.

Lausanne, at only 45 minutes from Geneva-Cointrin international Airport (by rail or car), is on the junction of a major highway and rail arteries. Every 30 minutes, trains depart to all Switzerland's major cities – with easy connections to more remote areas. Paris and Milan are 3h54 min. away by train, and are served 3 to 8 times a day.

High security standards and political stability are part of the quality of life in Switzerland.

In Lausanne, you will find the charm, freedom and efficiency of a welcoming, technology, business, cultural and sport city



Lausanne is situated at the crossroads of a major rail and road network.

By Plane

Geneva International Airport, in 45 min. (by train)
Zurich International Airport, in 2h45 min. (by train)

By Train

Lausanne railroad station is a hub of The Swiss National Railway system and offers very convenient and efficient links to :
Bern, The Federal Capital, in 1h11
Brussels, in 6h30
Paris by TGV, in 3h54
Milan by Cisalpino, in 3h50
Frankfurt by ICE, in 5h45

By Road

Lausanne is situated at a junction of the swiss highway system leading southward to :
Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.
Northward and eastward : Paris, Germany, Eastern European countries and Scandinavia.


125,000 / Greater Lausanne : 250,000


372 m/1,124 feet at lakeside.
495 m/1,628 feet at city center.

Official Language

French (English, German and Italian are understood).

Time Zone

GMT + 1 (Summer time + 1 during March-October).


Average summer temperature 24°C/75°F
Average annual temperature 14°C/57°F
Mild. No harsh winter.

Local Currency

Swiss franc (CHF)

EPFL - logo

The CHES Workshop will take place at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). In its charming location on the shores of Lake Geneva, the EPFL is equipped with complete facilities to host a comfortable scientific meeting. The campus brings together more than 10,000 people and by its novel structure, the school stimulates collaboration between students, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs. These daily interactions give rise to new and groundbreaking work in science, technology and architecture. The conference room where CHES Workshop will take place can easily be accessed from the city center by metro. The line M1 TL (Transport Lausannois) connects Lausanne-Flon (city center) with the EPFL in about 15 min.

EPFL - campus

Gala dinner on Lake Geneva

The CHES Workshop gala dinner will be on a cruise with a wonderful alpine scenery and a view to the famous Lavaux vineyards (designated part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2007). The boat will set sail from St-Sulpice near the EPFL and will end its journey at Ouchy in Lausanne, near the hotels.

Rump Session in the Casino Montbenon

The rump session will take place in the Casino Montbenon. Built in 1908, it is located just five minutes away from the city center on foot. Surrounded with magnificent gardens with an unparalleled view of the mountains and the lake, it was renovated in 1981 and transformed into a Centrex for cultural and social events.

Gala dinner and Rump Session
For further information about the city of Lausanne, please visit the web site of Lausanne Tourisme.