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Vol. 23, No. 1, Summer 2006.


Access to the IACR Reading room

The IACR Reading Room at Springer is now operational. You may use this to access all of the proceedings from IACR sponsored Conferences and Workshops as well as all of the issues of the Journal of Cryptology.

There is a two step process for creating your account on the Springer web site. First you must obtain your authentication token here . You must take this token here to create your userid and password. If you do not already have a springer account, look for the "Are you new to springer.com?" section and click CONTINUE.

Once you create an account, you will have access to all the proceedings of

This is in addition to the Journal of Cryptology which is also available linked off the reading room. This includes

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2006 elections

The 2006 election will contain two sections, a vote on the creation of an anonymity policy, and the normal election of directors. Members should expect their ballots to arrive by October 31. The web page for the election is here and the sample ballot is here .

Gold Medal of CNRS awarded to Jacques Stern

The Gold Medal of CNRS(*), which was created in 1954, is the highest national distinction that can be awarded to a French researcher for scientific accomplishments. Its impressive recipients list includes six Nobel prize-winners and two Fields medalists.

This year, the Gold Medal 2006 was awarded to Jacques Stern for his outstanding research in the field of cryptology and for creating the French school of cryptologic research around his laboratory in the ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure). During his twenty years of research in cryptology, he supervised around thirty PhD thesis. Most of the French researchers active in our community are former students of Jacques, their collective work covers the whole field of cryptology, public key and secret key, cryptography and cryptanalysis.

As Jacques' first student in cryptology, I am extremely glad to see him receive this well-deserved award. It is a great honor for him and for all French cryptographers. The honor also reflects on the IACR which established Jacques Stern as an IACR Fellow in 2005.

Antoine Joux
Director of the IACR

(*) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique = French National Center for Scientific Research http://www.cnrs.fr

Visas for IACR events

The issue of Visas to attend IACR events continues to be significant. Information on the US visas can be found here , The time to obtain a US visa is variable, and may involve a visit to the Consulate for an interview. This has taken over 3 months for some individuals in the past. It is advisable to submit Visa applications as soon as possible to avoid last minute problems.

For all IACR conferences and workshops, please check the relevant web page for visa information or contact that conference's General Chair.

Nominations for IACR Fellow

We hope that you will consider devoting some of your time and effort to nominating or endorsing an IACR-Fellow candidate. IACR members can nominate or endorse other IACR members for this prestigious position. Nominations and endorsements are due on December 31, 2006. More information can be found here .

Calendar of IACR events

Top downloads from the Cryptology ePrint Archive

The top papers downloaded from January through July of 2006 are listed below.

Complete list of recent papers in the IACR ePrint Archive

Open positions in Cryptology

Current announcements on the IACR Website for Open Positions in Cryptology .

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