The 25th International Cryptology Conference        



May 28 - June 1, 2006
Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Travel Information


Travel Information


Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg summer starts in late May or early June and runs right through to the end of August.

Long summer days linger late into the night providing a haunting quality to the light as it caresses the ornate facades of Peter's City.

The languorous evenings are ideal for lazy boat rides through the canals. As you glide gently under picturesque bridges and pass through the subdued elegance of the City's backstreets, Saint Petersburg reveals its beauty from a new and more subtle perspective.

The famous White Nights with their legendary midnight sunlight fall in June, lending the City an intriguing and exotic mood. Saint Petersburg celebrates White Nights with an international music festival.



How to get there


By plane

Saint Petersburg is served by the Pulkovo Airport  which is connected via the hub Moscow by the Russian carriers Aeroflot and Pulkovo Airlines as well as many other international carriers, such as Air France, British Airways, Finn Air, JAL, Lufthansa etc.

Taxis from the airport to the Pulkovskaya Hotel are about $20-25. Alternatively, buses connect the airport with the center of Saint Petersburg and the Pulkovskaya Hotel directly. Bus trip from the Pulkovo Airport (Terminal 2, International) to the Pulkovskaya Hotel takes about 8-10 minutes and from the Terminal 1 (Local Flights) takes about 10-12 minutes (see more information here).


By train

Another option for budget and adventurous  travelers is to fly to Moscow by a direct international flight, spend some hours in the Russian capital and take an intercity train to Saint Petersburg. Ticket prices are from $40 to $75. An ordinary overnight train trip takes about 7 hours, an express train trip takes about 4.5 hours.

You also can get a train to Saint Petersburg from most of the European cities.

Leave the train at one of the Saint Petersburg railway  stations (there are 5 railway stations in Saint Petersburg, which one you arrive to depends on the direction you arrive from), take the subway to the Moskovskaya subway station, get out of the subway and walk the direction of your move to the Pulkovskaya Hotel (2 blocks away or 8-9 minutes of walk). Taxis offer their services at any of the main railway stations as well.


By car or bus

Highways from Berlin, Helsinki, Warsaw, Minsk, Kiev, Moscow etc. go direct to Saint Petersburg. Traffic jams in Saint Petersburg are not so hard as they are in most of the large world cities.

Bus travel could be more attractive for budget attendees and students who do not mind spending extra time en route to Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg has two bus terminals Avtovokzal and the Eurolines bus terminal. The first one serves bus routs from Moscow, Novgorod, Pskov and international bus routs from Finland and the Baltic States.

The Eurolines bus terminal serves bus routs from Germany, Poland, Belorussia and the Baltic States (more information here).


By ship

Sea cruise ships dock at several ports and downtown embankments scattered around the city (more information here).



Getting around


Public Transportation

Saint Petersburg has an extensive system of public transportation serving about 4 millions passengers a day.

The city has a developed network of buses, trams and trolleybuses in addition to the private yellow taxi cabs which have grown in numbers over the last years.

But the most popular and convenient way of getting around the city is by the subway (known as Metro, see the map). 


Taxis and Express Buses

The local private taxis have become more user friendly, as a growing number of private taxi operators are competing to attract more customers offering better vehicles and new services.

Express Buses are marked by letter "K" vans that come up to a bus stop so fast that you may not have enough time to decide whether you need to get in or not. These express bus cabs offer taxi-like speed at the bus-like prices.



All foreigners traveling to or through Russia must have a passport and a visa covering the duration of stay.

Visas issued by Russian Consulates in your home country, based on an invitation (a visa support letter) from the Russian side.

To obtain a Russian visa, you should submit the following papers to the Russian Consulate in your country:

1. Completed visa application form (one per person) which can be obtained from consulates of Russia (click here to download PDF)

2. Original national passport (valid not less than six months after the date of departure from Russia)

3. Three applicant's photos (3x4 cm)

4. An invitation from the authorized hosting Russian travel agency or accommodation hotel

If you stay at the conference hotel, you can use this form to apply for an invitation and visa support.

5. A money order or cashiers check payable to the Russian Consulate for visa processing.


You can also find all necessary travel and visa information via the web sites of the following local travel agencies:

and via the other web sites that could be found by international or Russian (Yandex or Rambler) search engines.