Registration Cost



Registration Fee + IACR dues



Registration Fee (Already IACR Member)



Monday Attendance of Crypto 2017 for CSF Registered Attendees + IACR Dues



Monday Attendance of Crypto 2017 for CSF Registered Attendees and already an IACR member



What the Conference Fee Includes

The conference registration fee includes participation in the technical program, all social functions as well as an electronic copy of the conference proceedings. Accompanying guests can also be registered for participation in the conference social functions. Guests who only want to attend one or two events can register onsite.

Colocating with CSF

For 2017, as Crypto and CSF are co-located at UCSB, there is the option of Crypto attendees attending the Thursday Afternoon/Friday of CSF, and similarly CSF attendees may attend the Monday of Crypto. To register for the Thursday/Friday of CSF please visit their registration site. Register for CSF Thursday/Friday

An Important Note for Students

If you are a student presenting at Crypto 2017, your registration fee will be covered by the IACR Fund for Student Presenters; you do not need to pay for registration. Please register for the conference but do not submit any payment. After registering, send an email to the General Chair, explaining that you are a student presenter and have already registered. More information is available here.

Additional Information

IACR dues are $50 for regular attendees and $25 for student attendees.

All attendees who register after July 20th will incur a $100 late registration surcharge.

Fee for an accompanying person will be $175.

It will be possible to register on-site at the registration desk, Sunday (5 - 8pm) in the Anacapa Formal Lounge or Monday morning at the University Center, starting at 8am.

IACR Policy for Proceedings

Proceedings will be made available online to attendees. There will not be a USB key this year.

If you would like to obtain a printed copy of the proceedings, please select the option during registration and pay $120 for each copy of the proceedings. Warning: each copy of the proceedings is three LNCS volumes that will be 700-800 pages. Please make sure that if you order proceedings you have place to store them in your luggage, that you can accomodate the extra weight, and bring them with you when leave.

Refund Policy

Cancellations requests should be made in writing or email to the conference general chair. Those received by July 31st 2017 will receive a full refund less $150 to cover fixed costs for the conference. No refunds will be made for cancellations after this date.


Conference registration and on-campus housing registration are now separate processes. To see all housing options, visit the accommodations page.