Student Stipends

The Cryptography Research Fund allows us to waive the registration fee for all student presenters of an accepted paper. A limited number of stipends will be available to those students unable to obtain funding to attend the conference. Students inĀ under-represented groupsĀ are especially encouraged to apply. There is a new process for applying for such funding this year to accomodate new NSF requirements. We require that all students fill out the following form that are requesting funding. If you are not a student presenter, then you will need to provide several things in the form which you may wish to write in a text editor earlier, and copy into the form as necessary. This includes:

  1. If applicable, a description of previous IACR funding for travel, including amounts for appropriate conferences.
  2. An explanation as to why you need funding.
  3. An explanation of what you hope to achieve by attending Crypto 2017.
Further, the student's advisor or institution will need to provide a letter by email that addresses:
  1. the availability of travel funds for you at the student's institution, and
  2. whether the advisor or institution will provide any funding to complement awarded partial travel grants, and a commitment to a maximal dollar value they are willing to support.
The letter should be addressed to and have the subject "Travel Grant Letter for (student name)." Both the form application and the letter must be received no later than July 15th, but participants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Apply for Student Funding.