August 14-18, 2016  
  Santa Barbara, CA, USA  

General Information

Rump Session Program

The Crypto 2016 will have three sequential sessions interrupted by half hour breaks. All sessions will be in the University Center (UCEN) Corwin Pavilion.


Rump Session I

19:25 - 19:30

Crypto 2016 General Chair's Report
Brian LaMacchia

19:30 - 19:37

Crypto 2016 Program Co-Chair's Report
Matt Robshaw

19:37 - 19:42

Flip Feng Shui: Hammering a Needle in the Software Stack
Kaveh Razavi; Ben Gras; Erik Bosman; Bart Preneel; Cristiano Giuffrida; Herbert Bos

19:42 - 19:46

Real World Crypto
Dan Boneh; Kenneth G. Paterson; Nigel P. Smart; Brian A. LaMacchia; Thomas Ristenpart; Aggelos Kiayias; Thomas Shrimpton

19:46 - 19:51

Cryptolympic Update (Event: Password Frequency List Disclosure)
Jeremiah Blocki; Anupam Datta; Joseph Bonneau

19:51 - 19:56

Marcel Keller; Peter Scholl; Nigel P. Smart

19:56 - 20:00

Lightweight Cryptographic Skills
Kerry McKay

20:00 - 20:05

Homeopathic Encryption
Marcel Keller

20:05 - 20:10

Guido Bertoni; Joan Daemen; Michael Peeters; Gilles Van Assche; Ronny Van Keer

20:10 - 20:15

Charity Auction
Brian LaMacchia

Rump Session II

20:45 - 20:52

Lettuce Based Cryptanalysis
Daniel Genkin; Lev Pachmanov; Itamar Pipman; Eran Tromer; Yuval Yarom

20:52 - 20:55

(T)rump session talk: Make CRYPTO Great Again!
Mahrud Sayrafi

20:55 - 21:00

DLP in characteristic-three pairing-based cryptography
Gora Adj; Isaac Canales-Martínez; Nareli Cruz-Cortés; Alfred Menezes; Thomaz Oliveira; Luis Rivera-Zamarripa; Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez

21:00 - 21:05

The Archives of the IOC
Sandro Coretti

21:05 - 21:08

Going for Digital Gold: Higher, Faster, Stronger and Safer Blockchains
Shin'ichiro Matsuo; Pindar Wong

21:08 - 21:15

Challenges for Ring-LWE
Eric Crockett; Chris Peikert

21:15 - 21:20

A tale about the Crypto-olimpic games
Gina Gallegos-García; Lil María Rodríguez-Henríquez; Nareli Cruz-Cortés; Sandra Diaz-Santiago

21:20 - 21:27

Introducting: The Hash Function Pentathalon
John Kelsey

21:27 - 21:31

Trump weight lifting at Eurocrypt
Yvo Desmedt

21:31 - 21:35

Destroying Subliminal Channels via Amalgamation: or How to Construct CPA Secure PKE against Kleptographic Attacks
Alexander Russell; Qiang Tang; Moti Yung; Hong Sheng Zhou

21:35 - 21:40

A Modest Proposal for a New Sport in the Crypto Theory Olympics
Allison Bishop; Nadia Heninger; Tal Malkin; Yevgeniy Dodis; Mariana Raykova

Rump Session III

22:10 - 22:17

Functional Commitment Schemes: From Polynomial Commitments to Pairing-Based Accumulators from Simple Assumptions
Benoît Libert; Somindu C. Ramanna; Moti Yung

22:17 - 22:22

NIST PQC Standardization Plan
Lily Chen

22:22 - 22:28

Functional Encryption: Deterministic to Randomized Functions from Simple Assumptions
Shashank Agrawal; David J. Wu

22:28 - 22:32

Binary Anniversary of the Olympic Games in Santa Barbara
Yvo Desmedt

22:32 - 22:37

AES DUKPT Call for review
Susan Langford

22:37 - 22:42

Multilinear Map Applications Benchmark
Daniel Apon; David W. Archer; Dan Boneh; Brent Carmer; Adam Foltzer; Jonathan Katz; Kevin Lewi; Alex J. Malozemoff; Mariana Raykova; Amit Sahai; Daniel Wagner

22:42 - 22:45

The Bedspread Password Generator
Hilarie Orman

22:45 - 22:51

New Impossible Differential Search Tool from Design and Cryptanalysis Aspects
Yu Sasaki; Yosuke Todo

22:51 - 22:53

Challenges and Solutions in Cryptographic World Today and Tomorrow
Vladimir Soukharev

22:53 - 23:00

A New Olympic Record: How Many Engineers Are Needed to Screw a Smart Light Bulb?
Eyal Ronen; Adi Shamir; AchiOr Weingarten